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El Kickstarter de Beyond the Gates of Antares se encuentra ahora mismo, cuando aun le quedan 49 días, por los 75,012  £ con 646 participantes. En esta doble entrada aclaran que han añadido los ejercitos personalizados como opcion para el Kickstarter y además muestran los avances en la miniatura de Hansa, exclusiva de este Kickstarter.

Recordad mientras dure el Kickstarter podréis participar de forma gratuita en el desarrollo y diseño del juego desde los foros de Dark Space Corp, una vez que finalice el Kickstarter solo podrán acceder a los mismos los que hayan participado en el Kickstarter.


Hi All,
Just to let you all know that we've added the Custom Army Credits to the add-on section.
Our full daily update featuring "Kevin White's Hansa - Part Deux" will be coming through later this evening so stay up, grab a beer, get your friends round and have a party, this is going to be wild! *
Thank you all for spreading the word and backing us! Almost at 25% on day 9, amazing :)
* I may have over hyped that slightly...

Hi Everyone
Wanted to say that it’s great to see so many of you so active in our forums. You've been contributing some brilliant ideas and thoughts in the development areas and interestingly the total posts in the dev forums have now overtaken the general forums, so clearly we’re not completely mad in thinking that you guys would like to be involved!
One thing to remember is that it takes a long time to make a game properly, you have to get it right and sometimes that means redoing all the work you just did and sometime the magic just happens first time. We’re listening to your posts and rapidly working on lots of areas of the game right now and we’re trying to get information and models out to the as soon as we can, but we do need to do it right, so please bear with us
Right, onto Kev's Hansa model Part 2:
Head over to the forums to discuss 
Help us spread the word
If this email is interesting why not forward it to your friends? 
We need to make sure everybody knows about us, so we’ve made some helpful artwork to help spread the word. GoA is all about involving you guys right at the start and our first job is to get us funded! 
So get creative on it, anything you can think of to spread the word from wandering around your home town with a robot WarDrone suit on (ok, so we haven’t actually made any but a simple cardboard box with the words “I’m a WarDrone – Pledge NOW or my IMTel nano-drones will infect you” will probably work!) to downloading this PDF (http://www.darkspacecorp.com/ks-flyer/), emailing it to your friends and relatives, printing it out and handing it out to literally everyone you come across, you can even get some blu-tack and stick it on the foreheads of shop owners if you like! (apologies if you are actually a shop owner… stick it to a customer’s forehead perhaps? )
Anyway, the point is: If you tell as many people as possible there’s a much better chance of us first: hitting our funding target, and second: hitting some of our stretch goals and ultimately giving you even more cool stuff to play with.
Here’s the arty stuff: we’ve got banners, forum avatars and even facebook covers!
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