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Fantasy Flights ha lanzado nuevas unidades tanto para el Dust como el Dust Tactics. Especial mención para el Matrioska y el Babushka que me  ha encantado el diseño, se que puede llamar mucho mas la atención el Sturmprinz pero la linea del diseño me resulta mas agradable la de los anteriores.

Aquí os dejo la entrada original.

In the world of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare, the battle for supremacy in the alternate universe of World War II continues! Zverograd is currently the central target of this conflict, and the SSU have brought new units and a new walker to aid in the defense of the city. The Axis bring a new walker to the battlefield specifically designed to flood the city with troops. The Allies will have their work cut out for them as these new units for the SSU and the Axis are now available at your local retailer and our webstore!

Dealing Death from Afar
The SSU Specialists features two units adept at bringing long-range destruction down on the enemies of the SSU: theSSU Sniper Team and the SSU Observer Team. The SSU is leveraging their highly skilled snipers on the battlefield to greater effect by sending them in pairs, rather than deploying a lone sniper with a spotter. The twin firepower of the SSU Sniper Team can even put a dent in enemy walkers.

The SSU Observer Team (left) and the SSU Sniper Team (right)
The SSU Observer Team is not as heavily armed, but they give eyes to the SSU artillery strikes, making them an extremely valuable asset on the battlefield. Often underestimated because they don’t post an obvious threat, this pair of stalwart soldiers may be the deciding factor once they get the enemy in their sights.

Powerful Walkers for the SSU
The SSU has re-engineered the chassis of a captured Axis Luther into the devastating KV-3 Heavy Walker. This heavily armed walker can be utilized in either the Babushka or Matrioshka configurations, each offering a different focus for its potent firepower.

The Matrioshka (left) and Babushka (right) configurations of the KV-3 Heavy Walker
The KV-3 K, or Matrioshka, is armed with devastating dual 152mm ML20-S guns. These twin cannons are designed to obliterate enemy armor, and make the Matrioshka an incredible anti-tank vehicle. The KV-3 M, or Babushka, is equipped with dual Maxim Gatling Guns, which don’t pack quite as much punch when it comes to tanks, but they will clear the battlefield of infantry with deadly efficiency.
These two configurations make the KV-3 Heavy Walker a force to be feared in any confrontation.

Carrying the Weight of Command
The heavily armored and armed infantry of the Axis forces are an incredibly valuable asset, and the Axis Armored Transport has been designed to make these soldiers more mobile and even better protected from enemy fire. Axis engineers have developed two primary configurations for the Armored Transport, each of which features Advanced Reactive Fire, Carry Capacity: 6, and six hit points to keep troops out of harm’s way.
The Prinzluther not only carries your troops safely through enemy fire, but is also the very first vehicle to make use of the Command Vehicle skill. Any unit in the vehicle that possesses the Command Squad skill can use the walker’s extensive array of radio equipment to keep in contact with the field. These units can issue orders from within the armor plated walls of the Prinzluther, and, once per turn, they can reroll any failed die results to get an extra try at using one of their special abilities.

The Prinzluther (left) and Sturmprinz (right) configurations of the Axis Heavy Transport
While the Command Vehicle ability is incredibly useful for some squads, there are times when you just need more guns on the ground than the Prinzluther offers. The Sturmprinz is the second configuration of the Axis Armored Transport, and it boasts the same Carry Capacity as the Prinzluther, but can also take on an additional six Tank Riders. While the soldiers riding outside the tank don’t benefit from its protection, they can defend the tank with their own weapons. TheSturmprinz also boasts bigger guns, so it walks the battlefield brimming with troops and bristling with firepower.

Premium Pre-Painted Miniatures Are Ready for Battle
All of these powerful units are also available in professionally pre-painted Dust Tactics Premium Edition versions. These highly detailed miniatures bring the battle to life with their art scheme directed by Vincent Fontaine, master painter and Art Director of Dust Studio.
These units are all now available to bring to your SSU and Axis armies. Whether you want to customize your own troops and walkers, or you choose to pick up the pre-painted Premium Edition versions, these powerful pieces will add serious strategic options and firepower to your games of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare!

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