martes, diciembre 04, 2012


Minairons Miniatures ha lanzado a través de su Facebook una pequeña preview del Panzer I Ausf. B donde nos explican que serán unas piezas extras de resina que se podrán combinar ya con el modelo existente de plástico del Panzer I Ausf. A.

Además estamos trabajando en el unbox del Panzer I Ausf. A. como habéis visto los que nos seguís en Twitter.

Happy to be able to show you some first shots on another of the models we're currently designing. This will be Panzer I Ausf. B with Befehlswagen (or command vehicle) option. Here below you can see some renders on how will the command superstructure look, according to our design:

This one will be a mixed resin-plastic model kit, taking some advantage of those plastic parts already designed for our Panzer I Ausf. A; along with a number of totally new parts that are to be produced in resin. Thanks to such combination, you will be able to build either a regular Panzer I Ausf. B or a Befehlswagen command tank.

Panzer I Ausf. B will be released in 1:72nd scale first, to be re-scaled later into 1:100th and 1:56thtoo.

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