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Wonderlands Project lanza un Indiegogo para fabricar un set de demonios, de forma paralela a otros proyectos que están llevando acabo. Como detalle curioso ponen en el propio Indiegogo el descuento que habrá respecto al precio de venta final por cada una de las miniaturas. Las greens están chulisimos y los bocetos nos dan una idea del resto de miniaturas que se pueden llegar a fabricar si consiguen los 1.500 € necesario para lanzar esto.

 Since more than two year, Wonderlands Project propose you some high quality miniatures.
We are working on some project, and some are under license (it's important for us to respect the rights and the intellectual properties).
In the waiting, we try to offer you a panel of great miniatures, sculpted by some of the best miniatures sculptors.

 In the waiting for those projects, we wish to continue to release some other miniatures.
To not slow down the development of those projects and to allow us to release new miniatures, we wanted to propose you this campaign.
This one will allow us to pay the sculptors of the miniatures and to launch the resin cast production.
Your contribution is very important for us, and we want to thank you for it!
 - It's the best way to show us your support and to allow us to continue to work on our projects.
 - If you take part to this campaign, you'll be allowed to buy those miniatures to a better price and to receive them before their official releases!
 Your participation will allow us to product those miniatures:
Melfretar:Sculpt: Christian Hardy
Photos: Eric Gourlaouen
32mm Scale
Lechiok:Sculpt: Didier Fancagne
Concept: GTFK
32mm Scale

Blood DaemonSculpt: Christian Hardy
Photos: Eric Gourlaouen
32mm Scale.

 Here are the descriptions of all the perks:
Thank you for your support!
You'll have your name on a special thanks page on our website!

You'll get 1 resin cast of Melfretar!
Melfretar will be sold later (MSRP: 12€).
Melfretar is an abyssal Behemoth Demon. 
The Aquatic Behemoths like him don't have enough place in hell to reveal all their might! But know that he's on Earth, who could know what he can do?
Add 2€ for Shipping!

You'll get 1 resin cast of Lechiok!
Lechiok will be sold later (MSRP: 20€).
Lechiok is a Djinn. The only thing he want is to be all alone.
The djinns are a weird family of demons... They don't attack you if you don't attack them or their lonelyness. They seems to have some affinity with the nature...
Lechiok is an old dead tree djinn but one of the mighiest! Beware to not cross his way, it'll be too late to regret it!
Add 2€ for Shipping!

You'll get 1 resin cast of the Blood Daemon!
The Blood Daemon will be sold later (MSRP: 25€).
The Blood Daemons are one of the mighiest soldiers in the demon's armies.
They drink the blood of their ennemies to become stronger!
Add 2€ for Shipping!

You'll get 1 Demon set (Melfretar, Lechiok and 1 Blood Daemon).
Add 2€ for shipping!

You'll get 5 "Blood Daemon" resin cast!
Best perks if you want to make a regiment or to offer to friends!
Add 2€ for shipping!

You'll get a Demon Set + All our Demon miniatures (Archdemon barbatos + Zul'Hek + limited Edition Demonic Engeances) + all stretch Goals!

Add 2€ for shipping

You'll get:
Demon Set  + all the miniatures already product by Wonderlands Project, including our Limited Editions!
It also include a 10% off coupon for your next order on our website!
If we reach the stretch goals, you'll also get the bonus!

You'll get a Complete Pack and you'll create on of our next minitures!
You'll take part of all the different product steps and give your opinion.
You'll receive 10 resin cast of this miniatures.
You'll also get all the bonus!

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If we hit 2000€ stretch goal, we will release this miniature is sculpted by Stephane Simon (Ex-Rackham sculptor) at a really good price for pledgers and will be include in the "Complete Pack" perks and above for free!
Concept: GTFK
Sculpt: Stephane Simon

If we hit this stretch goal we will product 2 Demon busts sculpted by Christian Hardy!
They will be available at a really good price for pledgers and will be include in the "Complete Pack" perk and above for free!

If We hit this stretch goal, Christian Hardy will sculpt a conversion kit for the Blood Daemon.
This Kit will contain 2 new Hands and a new Head (and maybe something else?).
This kit will be add for free in each perks who include a Blood Daemon!
(Blood Daemon Army Perk will include 5 Kits!)

If we hit this Stretch Goal, we will product an alternative "Famine Spawn".
The actual Famine Spawn is a Limited Edition (350 cast). The new one will not be limited.
It will be include in all "Demon Set" perk and above for free!
This miniature is sculpted by Maxime Penaud.

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