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Necrom Studio lanza un Indiegogo para sacar un equipo de doce amazonas para juegos de Futbol de Fantasía como el Blood Bowl o similares con una meta inicial de 5.000$ y 50 días por delante quedan mucho por ver. No es el primer Indiegogo que cubrimos de estas características y desde FyD os tendremos al tanto.

The Story behind the project…

Hi, I’m Enrique Palomares, sculptor and founder of Necrom Studio. Necrom is a new company, willing to offer the highest level and quality on 28mm scale miniatures. We are partially focused on fantasy football, you can check some of our figures in our web.

Some months ago I started computer modelling, faster and more comfortable than the traditional process according to my point of view. And what is more important, it can be used to create a higher detailled miniatures. A 3D printer is needed to make real the desing, after many trials I found the perfect one. The costs for printing a model are not small, but the details worth it. It's like handmade.

Here you can see the first miniature from our catalogue modelled in a computer:

Necromancer modelled in a computer

You can see a picture of a resin copy of the original 3D print. As you can see, the copies show perfectly all the details and the resin gives a very good quality. Copies made by Francois Verdier, a resin reproduction specialist with 8 years experience MIG productions:

Nigromante Resina

Fantasy football amazons team.
I'm investing a lot of effort on modelling a team formed by twelve amazons, completely different and customized. At the beggining of the campaign I have already finished seven of them. I will be updating the pictures of the remaining team as I complete the modelling of each figure. I guarantee that the full team will be ready to print at the time I receive the funds to start printing.

The team roster is:

Linewoman x4
Blitzer x4
Thrower x2
Catcher x2

 Linewoman 1 PP
Thrower 1 PP
Thrower 2 PP
Catcher 1 PP
Catcher 2 PP
Blitzer 1 PP
Blitzer 2 PP

Naturally, I'll reward your help with an offer only available in this campaign:

Perks for your contribution:

2 Amazons Pack:
2 Amazons Pack

Super Pack A:
Super Pack A

Super Pack B:
Super Pack B

Super Pack C:
Super Pack C


The part you'll love for sure: FREE miniatures for you! For everyone who buy one or more Super Pack, you will get the miniatures unlock by the stretching goals. So, if we reach 5.000$ for the proyect, the Staff figure halfling seller will be unlock.

Halfling Seller 5000$

If the total funds reach 7.500$, it unlocks Widow, a dryad star player.

Widow 7500$

At 10.000$ Rosanna, a dark elf star player.

Rosanna 10.000$

And if we get 13.000$ all the Super Pack buyers will receive Berta, an ogre star player.

Berta 13.000$

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance for supporting my proyect, I hope we can make it real.

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