viernes, diciembre 14, 2012


Privateer Pres ha publicado la imagen y comparación de tamaño de Archangel. La miniatura es increíble y realmente enorme como podréis comprobar en la comparativa de tamaño. Las piezas son tanto de metal blanco como de resina y costara 134,99 $. 

Everblight still dreams of the time when he took to wing and spread death like a god; now his longing has been made manifest in the archangel. His most perfect spawn, the archangel courses through the sky and unleashes gouts of flame to spread across the earth. It scorches the enemies of its master, coming to ground only to feast upon those who would defy him. Where the archangel goes, so goes Everblight’s legion—and with it, the future Everblight envisions.

Classification: Gargantuan
Base Size: 120mm
PIP Code: 73068
Price: $134.99*
Model Materials: Resin & White Metal
Model Count: 1
Packaging: Box
*Product information and prices subject to change

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