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Warlord Games ha publicado a través de su Facebook una oferta de navidad, si reservas el libro del Tio Sam recibirás a héroe de guerra Lewis "Chesty" Puller de regalo. Además en esta entrada hacen un repaso a más unidades de las fuerzas estadounidenses y entre ellas están los Rangers de los cuales podréis ver un unbox que hicimos en este FyD enlace.

The massed forces of Uncle Sam are ready to enter the war be it in the steamy jungles of the Far East, the arid North African desert or the greener but no less deadly environs of mainland Europe! You can now place a pre-order for this, the next Bolt Action supplement!

We even have a free miniature for those so doing…

pre-order in store

With this supplement for Bolt Action, players have all the information they need to field the military forces of the United States of America. Entering the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States immediately went to war on several fronts.

In Europe and Africa, American troops battled against the Germans and Italians, while in the Pacific they faced the forces of Imperial Japan. This book allows players to choose from dozens of different troop types including Sherman tanks, Marine raiders, and paratroopers, and build a US force to fight in any theatre of the war.

Anyone buying the Armies of the United States supplement directly from us will receive this superb figure of one of the US Military’s great heroes – Lewis ‘Chesty’ Puller – absolutely free!

As you can see here, we have several great value boxed sets containing plastic or metal miniatures to act as the core of your army. So, whether you’re looking to take on the Japanese in the Pacific, assault the beaches on D-Day or roll up through Italy, you have exactly what you need. It goes without saying that each US range is well supported with extra packs of mortars, machine guns, vehicles, etc. and we have loads more on the way for Uncle Sam’s brave boys…

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