viernes, noviembre 09, 2012


Mantic vuelve a lanzar para esta campaña navideña una caja loco, que contendrá 50 miniaturas entre vehículos y demás al azar por 25 libras. Una forma genial para aumentar nuestra colección de miniaturas y piezas para conversiones a muy buen precio.

Christmas is nearly upon us – and it’s time to get crazy!

That’s right – the Crazy Christmas Box is back in force containing over 50 plastic miniatures and vehicles for just £25 for a limited time only!

Hugely popular last year and with a massive 70% off RRP, there’s a mixture of all kinds of sprues including Zombies, Ghouls and Forge Fathers, and we’ve stuffed as much as we can into the Crazy Box for some truly festive holiday madness - convert and kitbash your sprues to your hearts content!

Spread the word and let’s get crazy – the Crazy Box is now available to pre-order!

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