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El Kickstarter de Kingdom Death no puede ir mejor, en los tres días que lleva en marcha ya ha recaudado 307,285 $ y quedan la friolera de 42 días por delante para finalizar.

Kingdom Death es un juego de mesa cooperativo que nos pone en la piel de una tribu humana, en un mundo donde los humanos forman parte de la base de la cadena alimenticia. Con nuestro compañeros nos enfrentaremos a monstruos enormes y conseguiremos hacer prosperar nuestro asentamiento y personajes gracias a la materia prima conseguida a través de los monstruos.

Con una temática y estética muy oscura tiene una gama de miniaturas realmente impresionantes y unos diseños y conceptos de juegos muy curiosos. El éxito de este Kickstarter ya esta asegurado, ahora solo que da saber hasta donde llegarán, ya que si siguen a este ritmo llegaran, si no lo han hecho ya, al  final del planteamiento inicial del Kickstarter y ya solo les queda sorprendernos con más y mejores cosas.

Death: Monster is a cooperative tabletop miniatures game for 1-6 players. Set in a unique nightmarish world devoid of most natural resources, you control a settlement at the dawn of its existence. Fight monsters, craft weapons and gear, and develop your settlement to ensure your survival from generation to generation
The game is available to backers starting at the $100 level and contains:
  • 27 ( + 12 ) = 39 Total, unique highly detailed plastic miniatures ( following this is a quick list of the miniature break down )
  • Full Color Story & Rule Book
  • 2' x 3' Game board
  • 6, 10 Sided Dice
  • 1 6 Sided Hit Location Die
  • 100 2"x2" Gear Cards
  • 75+ Monster AI Cards
  • 75+ Monster Hit Location Cards
  • 75+ Resource Cards
  • 25 Innovation Cards
  • 10 Location Tiles
  • Survivor Record Sheets
  • Settlement Record Sheets
Miniatures included in the base game:
4 Starting Survivor miniatures
4 Armor Kits: rawhide, lion, leather, phoenix. Each kit is two female and two male models with interchangeable parts.
7 Monsters - Lion, Phoenix, Antelope, Butcher, Kingsmen, Kings Hand, Watcher
Upgrades to every game box:
+ Unarmored armor kit, two male and two female (55k)
+ All new Lantern armor kits, two male and two female (140k)
+ All new Fur Armor kits, two male and two female ( 285k)
Upgrades to Survivor eligible game boxes:
+ 1 extra Rawhide armor kits, two female and two male (unlocked @ 80k)
+ 1 Plastic Phoenix (unlocked @105k)
+ 1 Plastic Watcher (unlocked @185k)
+ 1 extra Phoenix armor kits, two female and two male (unlocked @200k)
+ A regiment of Kingsmen, x5 models (unlocked @$225k)
+ 1 plastic Paul the Survivor (unlocked @275k)
Game Expansions: 
Flower Knight Expansion + $15 (MSRP $30)

Optional Plastic Minis ( increase your pledge to get these )
Rawhide Dame, plastic + $15
Beyond the Wall, plastic +$15
Watcher, plastic +$15
Phoenix Dancer, plastic +$15
Kingsmen Regiment x 5 plastic minis +$20
Kingsmen Deluxe Regiment x25 plastic minis +$50
Primal Huntress, plastic +$15
Optional Resin Minis ( increase your pledge to get these )*resin miniatures are suggested for experienced hobbyists only
Rawhide Dame, collectors edition resin +$25
Phoenix collectors edition resin +$150
Beyond the Wall, resin +$27
Watcher, resin +$35
Phoenix Dancer, resin +$25
Kingsmen, resin +$25
Flower Knight, resin +$29
Paul the Survivor, resin +$25
Primal Huntress, resin +$25
Important: Please note figures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Here are some recommended backer levels! :

Our humble thanks, a digital art book that features concept art, artist bios, and the history of Kingdom Death from inception to production as well as high-resolution images highlighting the artistry of Kingdom Death.

Digital art book, and the two Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures in plastic, Adam & Anna Explorers of Death!

In addition to rewards at the $30 level, you'll also receive the collectors resin versions of Adam and Anna Explorers of Death. These miniatures will be packaged in a hand stamped kraft box, including the character art cards & a 6"x4" matte print of the full artwork, and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

At this level, you’ll receive the Kingdom Death: Monster boxed game! You will also receive the digital art book.

You’ll receive the Kingdom Death: Monster boxed game, the two Kickstarter exclusive plastic miniatures Adam & Anna Explorers of Death, the Kingdom Death t-shirt, and the digital art book.

You’ll receive all rewards at the $155 level and the collectors resin version of the Adam and Anna Explorer of Death miniatures included in the $70 level. You’ll also receive a collectors resin version of the four starting survivor miniatures.

Here is an archive of stretch goals we've reached!

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Let me be completely honest, there is a tremendous amount of work ahead to get Monster into your hands. All of the miniatures need to be mastered for plastic production, the game components need to finalized and printed, and the game box itself needs to be designed to hold everything securely.
Then finally... the biggest challenge... fulfillment! Depending on how many backers there are, what rewards, options and stretch goals are met... we could be looking at packing and shipping a lot of unique rewards to customers all over the world. I need to manage expectations and be smart about every step of this project during and after the Kickstarter ends.
I am working with a fantastic game manufacturing company that has successfully put together many similar game projects, including other Kickstarter games.
I've been running the Kingdom Death project for just about 3 years now. I’ve personally shipped nearly 5,000 orders to fans around the world and I've worked with dozens of talented artists. I am confident I can deliver a truly wonderful game to everyone.

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