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Este estupendo Kickstarter de AntiMatter Games tiene como objetivo completar la fantástica gama de miniaturas de Deepwars que sacaron gracias a un Kickstarter hace unos cuantos meses. En menos de 14 días necesitan conseguir 2,000 $ para empezar con este Kickstarter.

Aun que ya tiene una gama bastante grande quedan muchos personajes por facción y algunos seres más de las profundidades además de otros cosillas por producir y sacar. En esta entrada veréis algunos niveles más para este Kickstarter y con el paso de los días irán desvelando más de ellos.

DeepWars is a tabletop wargame where forces battle below the waves of a lost underground ocean beneath a frozen southern continent, vying for control over ancient sunken ruins and wrecks holding powerful artifacts and golden treasure. Players command warbands from one of four main forces, developing their warriors as they gain experience though combat, exploration and recovery of treasure. Click the book section below to see a preview pdf of the DeepWars rulebook.

AntiMatter Games successfully launched DeepWars on schedule this month, using the funds from the first Kickstarter campaign to create starter sets of miniatures for four distinct forces, a full color rulebook dripping with detailed artwork, terrain, printed game maps, stat cards, and a mobile-browser compatible website with links to flash-based sites to explore. In short, we used the funds to create a complete product that is ready for sale in stores, with a robust and flexible game system based on the ever popular and award-winning Song of Blades ruleset by Ganesha Games.
So where do we go from here? DeepWars was designed for growth, with each force in the rulebook having around fifteen different main characters, with some having lists of wild creatures or ethereal demons to summon. We produced many of these characters, but there are still around five to six of the main characters, plus the summoned creatures, deadly terrain, wild creatures and plenty of other deep sea goodies that can be created. We are therefore starting this Kickstarter project to help fund the completion of as much of the DeepWars products as possible, so that the game can really come to life.
This project is what we are calling a "mini-kicker" in that it is short in order to finish before the holidays. All pledges will get rewards from the available DeepWars products, which will be shipped after the Kickstarter completes at the start of December so that they can arrive in time as Holiday gifts. We cannot guarantee shipping to all regions, but we will do our best to get them there in time.
All stretch items that are unlocked and added to rewards will be shipped as they are available, up to July, 2013, giving us time to sculpt and cast miniatures and terrain. If a pledge has some stretch items that are not all complete but the backer wants an early delivery of the completed one, a partial shipment can be made with the completed stretch items, although it will require an additional shipping fee of value determined at that time based on weight and delivery location.

- INTENSE COMBAT in the abyssal depths of the Sea. Breach submarines, uncover undersea temples, and dodge torpedoes while recovering artifacts that hold the secrets of the ethereal void.
- SKIRMISH-RPG with a combination of 28mm scale miniature tabletop combat with campaign advancement and a role-playing flavor. The game can be played in single sessions of an hour, or as a campaign where warbands salvage ancient technology, design their own new tech items, enhance abilities and generally become powerful lords of the deep.
- DETAILED MINIATURES for each of four main forces, Fortune Hunters, Dark Mariners, Ancients of Atalán and the Scaly Horde. Starter sets include five miniatures with stat cards and a downloadable rule book. Also available are terrain kits, printed game maps and full-color art prints. Our goal here is to produce more miniatures to give players a complete game experience.
- FAST AND FUN gameplay are based on the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes rules by Ganesha Games but with extensive additions such as multiple weapon types, armor, technology items (akin to magic items) and new combat and movement options. Almost all models are capable of swimming or movement through the water column, which gives the game a distinct three-dimensional feel when flight stands and base adapters are used. Rules are included for movement across depth “levels”, where hasty changes in depth can cause deadly barotrauma. There are also rules for the effects of variable visibility and light levels and for models that can easily navigate through the darkness using echolocation.
- MAGIC AND TECHNOLOGY plays an integral part in the game. Extensive list of ether tech weapons and items and multiple magical spell types, including elemental magic that causes hydrothermal eruptions, dimensional magic that allows unsavory spellcasters to call forth beings from the ethereal void, psychic magic to enslave the minds of victims and protection magic to negate the effects of the most vile spells.
- FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE game system with rules for creating new characters, weapons, armor and researching and improving tech artifacts. Don't like the forces, then create your own.

One can add any DeepWars models, books, terrain and starter sets to the pledge. Note that most miniatures are cast in metal, except for large monsters and mech constructs.

Sotfcover Rulebook - add $30  (+$5 for international shipping)
Sotfcover Rulebook - add $30 (+$5 for international shipping)

Large Temple of the Ancients - $235  (+$25 international shipping)
Large Temple of the Ancients - $235 (+$25 international shipping)

Temple of the Ancients - $150  (+$20 international shipping)
Temple of the Ancients - $150 (+$20 international shipping)

Ancient Death Ray Device  $32
Ancient Death Ray Device $32

Funding from Kickstarter will be used to produce the the new stretch miniatures and terrain. Miniatures usually take from 3-6 weeks each to sculpt, then require master casting and then production casting before they can be packed into starter sets. Miniatures will be cast in either white metal or resin, depending on the size of the models. Casting, packing and production is done in the USA. Shipping does not include VAT or any other taxes for international awards.

The person running the show at AntiMatter Games ( is Eric from the Lone Brushman painting studio, who handles the game design and art direction. He is the primary contact point for inquiries into the game. Painted miniatures by Eric can be viewed
The primary artist, website developer, and producer of the video is Marcelo Orsi Blanco, owner of the Hidden Workshop design studio
Our main character concept artist is  Víctor P. Corbella. His work can be found at Additional character art is done by Eric, Marcelo, and Giovanni Castro. His work can be found here
We are always looking for sculptors, but have a few already working on miniatures. The stable so far includes the great Bob Olley (a master of tentacled monsters), Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams, Bobby Jackson, Patrick "Bombshell" Keith, Brother Vinni and Sandra Garrity.

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are many steps to completing this project but we feel that we can manage it well. One of the ways to do this is to coordinate the artists and sculptors involved and make sure they share the same design vision.
The biggest challenge for a miniatures game is timing all of the different aspects of design so that they reach completion at expected deadlines. We have learned though our experience with DeepWars that issues do occur during production and to leave sufficient time and funds to mitigate the issues. We are currently shipping products out for DeepWars and are on schedule even after these issues. Sculpting miniatures takes time, upwards of weeks or months in some cases, so we split the work between sculptors to improve production speed giving forces to the sculptors that best suit the style of the concepts.
Overall, we feel that we are capable to overcoming the challenges to finish this project, especially since we finished a much more complicated project the first time around.

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