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Sphere Wars ha lanzado un Indiegogo para financiar tres miniaturas grandes para tres de las cinco bandas del juego, ya que las otras dos ya tienen una cada una. Aquí os dejo el Kickstarter Integro para que le echéis un vistazo. Además en este FyD enlace tenéis el vídeo en español sobre el mismo.

SphereWars is a 28mm miniatures fantasy wargame in a World, Saphir, created by four gods who play with the races they conceived.

Discover a dynamic skirmish game of 28mm miniatures in which You will Never Play Alone.

Go deep in a whole new concept of fantasy where every race, created by different Gods, is forging its own destiny.
The main features of SphereWars are:
SphereWars Rulebook
  • An incredible gameplay dinamism, which requires both players to pay attention to the game, not only during their turn, but also during the opponent's turn. Both players can make interrupts to avoid being attacked or change skills so that attacking you can backfire on your opponent (or yourself :))
  • SphereWars is settled in a whole new world of fantasy, 'Saphir', with groundbreaking bands and backgrounds that allow us creating spectacular miniatures.
Please note that all miniatures require some assembly and painting. Most are metal-cast but the Superiors and the War machines that are cast in resin.

Three Superior Combatants are required

The biggest miniatures in Saphir are about to arrive. Some are so huge that other miniatures will climb their backs... or be crashed by their toenails!
We need at least 6.000€ to sculpt and cast three superior combatant miniatures: Ikarus, Hinos and Ratfuten that will complete the two existing ones: Leviathan and Werebull. We already have some concepts and the rules of these and, in order to build them, we offer you the possibility to obtain the bands' starter packs and build your full band with the existing miniatures.
These miniatures are going to be really big, take as an example the superior combatant of the Scions of Kurgan, the Leviathan. The Leviathan will look small next to Hinos or the Ratfuten because... these will have Imps and Kluchs mounted on them!!!
Superior combatants
We have a wide range of perks, from the cheapest to the most complete perks with everything-we-have for very interesting prices. We have prefered to keep this campaign with few new miniatures in order to deliver it to you before the 2012 year ends, but if we achieve some of our goals we plan to start giving you some interesting extras of forecoming bands and special edition miniatures of current bands, it is in your hand!!

Recommended Perks

Most of them are quite clear, because they include something specific. But some other include choices and the possibility to add some options, so we made some diagrams to clarify these Perks with some complexity.
Warrior combatant
The Warrior Combatant is your perk if you like one band and know other players who will also pick this perk in order to start combating.
Warrior combatant
Elite Combatant PerkThe Elite Combatant is the choice if you want to give the game a try with a couple or bands or just want test if miniature gaming may be interesting for you and a friend who may ocassionally come to your home.
Elite Combatant

Superior Combatant
The Superior combatant is the choice for those players who already have a band and want to play bigger skirmish at 1.000 points using the Superior combatants or collectors who like one or more Superior combatants (the actual aim of this campaign).

Superior Combatant diagram
Avatar PerkThe Avatar combatant is ideal if you are a couple of friends who want to start playing with two different bands or you want to start playing but you are not sure about which band suits more your game style. Note that the Avatar combatant is a really special price limited to 50 units. GAME INFO: each band has nearly 400 points (including the Starter Pack and one of the Leaders) additional miniatures add extra points.
Avatar Combatant
Kurgan/Alliance Leader Perk
Kurgan/Alliance Leader Combatant
Urueh/Newborns Leader Perk Diagram
Urueh/Newborns Leader Perk Diagram
Adepts of Malesur Leader Perk
Adepts of Malesur Leader
The Leader combatants are ideal if you fell in love with one or more specific bands or you want to collect a full band of miniatures. GAME INFO: each band has nearly over 1000 points: Scions of Kurgan 1500p, Alliance 1550p, Packs of Urueh 1250p, Adepts of Malesur 1200p, Newborns 1400p.
God of Saphir Perk
The God of Saphir is for those who want it all. You want a miniature of each for an incredible price with a 40% of discount. GAME INFO: all miniatures are around 5700 points.
God of Saphir

Stretch goals

500€ Goal: ORDERSOrders Goal
If you contributed a Warrior, Elite o Superior Combatant, you get 4 orders of your band.
If you contributed an Avatar Combatant, you get 4 orders of two bands.
If you contributed a Leader Combatant, you get 4 orders of three bands.
If you contributed a God of Saphir, you get 4 orders of all five bands.

1500€ Goal: NEOPHYTENeophite Goal
The Neophyte is a Regular Combatant of the Newborns band
If you contributed a Warrior, Elite o Superior Combatant you get 1 Neophyte (or a miniature of your choice under 10€).
If you contributed an Avatar Combatant you get 2 Neophyte (or 2 miniatures of your choice under 10€).
If you contributed a Leader Combatant you get 3 Neophyte or 3 miniatures of your choice under 10€).
If you contributed a God of Saphir you get 5 Neophyte or 5 miniatures of your choice under 10€).

You can show our range here
3000€ Goal: BORYENKABoryenka Locked
The first miniature of the new band to come: The cursed of Malakoy...
Son of the fallen king Jeryk Malakoy, Boryenka is going to be a favourite! The very first miniature of the long expected new band. We just go the green and wanted to share it with you!!

Some background

These are the gods of Saphir:
The four Gods of Saphir
  • Kurgan, the God of Ice, who also shows predilection for warfare,
    battles and martial harshness. He instils a high passion for combat in his creations and shapes mighty, fierce beings who frequently prove themselves to be true predators.His children in Saphir are the Scions of Kurgan, both soimi and regor.
  • Kazag, God of Incineration, he seeks for his creations to prevail by means of overwhelming numerical superiority, defeating their rivals like a swarm. His children, the Packs of Urueh, battle’s main law is simple: Why fight enemies when you can just... incinerate them?
  • Malesur, God of Wind, does not feel an excessive passion for battle or destruction, he prefers to obtain mastery over his brothers by means of the evolution of his creatures. Malesur created the humans that conform the Alliance. When they forgot their god, he favoured a few chosen and granted each of them the ability to take on the physical aspect of powerful beasts, confering them extraordinary power and strength in the process, these are the Adepts of Malesur.
  • Mohed, the God of Sand and Rock, who has a penchant to use these elements to shape his creations. Like Kurgan, Mohed takes great pleasure in duels and battles. More reserved than his brothers, Mohed only acts when the circumstances demand it and his current plans in Saphir remain unknown.
  • Salssa’el is the Goddess of Life. She is a wise and prudent being who prefers to keep apart from what she considers silly sibling rivalries. She is, therefore, the only one between the gods who has not joined the game of war raging among the spheres, and who rejects the death each and all of her four brothers cause with their endless battle, despising all of them alike.She insufflates the breath of life upon her brothers' creations. This is probably the reason why she despises how carelessly they reap hundreds of lives.She had a key role in the creation of the Newborns race, when she allowed a human to discover the power of the Quitessence. Although while her intentions were pure, her actions brought a new misfortune and evolved into new battles for power between the factions in Saphir.
The game was created in Spain and, during the last couple of years, we have stablished a faithful group of players but we really need to reach players abroad.
We think that completing the superior combatants of the three bands that are still missing them, is a good opportunity to show our game to the players outside our country and, at the same time achieve this goal of completing the superior combatants. Economy is not very well in Spain and that makes necessary to make our market to grow.
We are working on new bands that we would like to release once current five bands have all necessary miniatures. This campaign will help us to be known outside Spain and, at the same time, get enough income to ensure the continuity of the SphereWars project.

Our current bands

Scions of KurganScions of KurganScions of Kurgan

From all the Saphir creatures, is amongst the Scions of Kurgan where the most powerful and terrible can be found. They are the soimi, which together with their brother race, the regor, have become one of mankind´s (and other races in the sphere) main enemies. Not for anything the soimi are predators feeding on the vital energy of other creatures, which they absorb by sticking their tentacles in their victims. On their behalf, the regor share the hunger of their big brothers, but they lack stings. In return, they have a ferocity that make them very dangerous beings, and also their tails end in sharp blades able to inflict terrible wounds to their enemies.

Tir'Abe     Nek'Org
Sull     Raggarth
Regular Troops
Regorlings     Lackey
Average Troops
Battler     Fiend
Dowser     Ripper
Elite Troops
Henchman     Devastator
Superior Combatant

AllianceAllianceAlliance Picture

Among all the bands you can play in SphereWars, the Alliance is by far the one with a more medieval look, a more classical approach to the Middle Ages as we think of them nowadays. That reason makes many players to move towards them just for using a band made up of hardened knights and skilful amazons. However, these are not by far their only attractive.

You can play Alliance with any of the two factions:  The Legion of the One Hundred Hearts, composed only of man knights, The Amazons of Ishar, composed only by battler women or a combination of both in true alliance. Playing with any of them will take effect on your strenghts and weaknesses.

Rodanes     Nirlem
Avatar                                                                         Messenger
Laroc     Mailboy / Mailgirl
Regular Troops
Cohort of postulants     Guardian
Explorer     Lookout
Average Troops
NearHeart     Ranger
Tax Collector     Amazon
Elite Troops
Equestrian Heart     Barbarian
Superior Combatant

Packs of UruehPacks of UruehPacks of Urueh

There is no other band in the SphereWars universe as versatile as the Packs of Urueh, made up of very different creatures with two things in common: all of them are the work of Kazag, god of incineration, and of course, their only aim is to destroy everything and everyone in their way. Wild and unforeseeable, we can grant you will roar with laughter as you lead these small and fiendish incinerators.

Combatants of this band may seem weak and small but the low cost of most of its disposable combatants makes Packs of Urueh bands to be overwhelming in number, being able to get rid of much stronger combatants thanks to exhaustion and small wounds.

Igniis the flame    Igneous
Pyronus the Herald    Avernal Lance
Avatar                                                                         Messenger
Satanor     Ashes pack
Regular Troops
Wild Sorrep     Pack of imps
Pack of blowpipers
Average Troops
Scorcher     Pack of summoners

Elite Troops
Miz rider     Stevedore
Superior combatant

Adepts of MalesurAdepts of MalesurAdepts of Malesur

The Adepts of Malesur band is visually very attractive. That is because the leaders and troops are utterly captivating: you can find all kinds of fierce animal people which, however, display some human features.
But, of course, the attractiveness of its miniatures is not by far the only strong point of the band.

Unlike other bands, playing with them is also different due to their individual characteristics. And that is because every troop type you can choose from is focused on some specific function which, most likely, no other troop can do and their level of belief in Malesur allows transfering information between them and take effects in their comrade-in-arms.

Shaogi the Boar Man     Liehhan the werebear
Avatar                                                                         Messenger
Mihualo the Owlman    Eagleman

Regular Troops
Mole Boy A     Mole Boy B
Snake Man     Hedgehog Girl
Average Troops
Werelynx     Pack of Mongoose Boys
Goat Man
Elite Troops
Moray Man
Superior combatant

NewbornsNewbornsNewborns image

The Newborns emerged in Darlime motivated by the disagreement of an important amount of its inhabitants towards the One Hundred Hearts Legion's instaured government. Unlike the Legion, the Newborns potentiate and acquire all kind of new discoveries in order to evolve in several areas such as alchemy, mechanics and other sciences seriously restricted by the Legion of the One Hundred Hearts.
Leaded by the misterious Master, a man with a past and face unknown even between his followers, many are the achievements achieved during the years.

Penrod & Verner    Ixxen
Ovreuc    Rabe
Kluch Neutraliser       
Regular Combatants
Vunscher Fusilier A    Vunscher Fusilier B
Vunscher Grenadier
Average Combatants
Treuchen Kluch Gunners
Ziech Shadow A   Ziech Shadow B
Elite Combatants
Hotreuchen   Ziech Executioner A
Ziech Executioner B
Please, we need your help to make this project to be known as much as possible. We don't only want to achieve our goal but also get as much players involved in the game as possible.

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