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Eden ha hecho otra pequeña actualización en la portada del Indiegogo después de haber superado dos metas ya. En esta caso ha publicado unas nuevas fotos, y además ha actualziado algo la información que en ella viene. Aproevechamos para publicarla de nuevo entera.

About Eden - Eden - Universe & Survival Rules

( Version Française de cette page ici)

For 3 years now, the post apocalyptic skirmishes game "Eden" has been played by hundreds of enthusiasts gamers.
From the feedbacks we have got since the beginning, we can proudly say that this tactical, fast and easy gaming system is one of the best skirmishes game around...
However one problem remained :  so far we hadn't found the time to gather and formalize the background elements.
We still needed to lay on paper the history of the world that stand beyond the design of this game universe and characters
This problem is almost solved !
The creator of the Eden universe, lead art director and initiator of the project, Mohamed Ait Mehdi, (A.K.A. Mohand on the international miniature gaming scene ) has a great news for those longing to know what is behind this apocalyptic world !
With the help of many talented writers and graphic artists, Mohand brought to life a 150 pages book. You will find inside 100 pages of background and  an augmented version of the rules.
You will learn the history of this devastated world, the horrors that led to the apocalypse and how the factions played in the game emerged from the ashes of the civilisation
Beside, the rule section of the book will include :
  • clearer writing of the core rule system
  • new sceneries management rules
  • and a brand new exciting feature : the multi player mode that will allow you to fight against up to 3 other opponents !

Why do we need your help ?

Basically to cover the printing (for both English and French versions) and translation costs of the initial batch of books.
- The original english version of the rules will get an new professional translation and rewriting -
But many artists have worked on this project, and will also be rewarded by your funding.
Beyond the initial funding needs, we will also be able to release exclusive gaming material to allow the contributors to get the best of this project.

Book Features

  • 152 pages
  • Full colour
  • Hardcover
  • 100 pages of background and original illustrations
  • 50 pages or game rules - 3rd edition!!
  • new game features : revisited scenery management
  • multi player support (up to 4 players)

Game Features

  • A real skirmish game, fast-paced, bloody and tactical.
  • Compact format : 3-6 miniatures per player, one-hour games on a 2’x2’ battlefield.
  • A system of different missions for each player, making every single match a new experience.
  • Open army lists with the possibility to create unusual compositions and nine resulting gameplay experiences.
  • Short rules, easy to learn but hard to master.
  • Tactical cards, influencing the action every turn and establishing a strategy before the battle via a deck building system.
  • Wounds location affecting the fighters’ performances.
  • Top quality pewter miniatures, sculpted by awards winning artists.
  • An original background, mysterious yet classic.
  • Optional rules taking into account all the parameters of a real battle (weather, scenery, unpredictable events, wild beasts, etc).


Eden in figures

  • 6 months of testing to design the game and more than 50 games for each additional wave to ensure the balance of the game.
  • 100+ retailers worldwide and new commercial partners every month.
  • A range of 140 models with 4-5 new miniatures each month.
  • 7 factions and a height under development for late 2012.
  • 5 tournaments per month in France.
  • All the gaming material available in 4 different languages.


Wasteland Peeble : get an 15*10cm lithograph of the art cover signed by the artist +
a special edition resin miniature, limited to this Indiegogo subscriptors
Free Shipping Worldwide !
EXPLORATOR : Get one of the very fist copy of our book +
a special edition resin miniature, limited to this Indiegogo subscriptors
an 15*10cm lithograph of the art cover, signed by the author
c.f above for book features
Add 5€ for shipping
 Egalement disponible en version Française (préciser la langue souhaitée en commentaire ! )
SURVIVOR : What would be the use of a rulebook and gaming universe without miniatures ?
Get the rule book and pick :
the special edition resin miniature, limited to this Indiegogo subscriptors that comes with the book.
one of the 7 factions starter boxes of the game EDEN.
Each faction has a strong design and an original gameplay :
  • Do you fancy harassment tactics and ranged fights : join the mad JOKERS gangers
  • If you like to play a squad of sturdy specialist, you must be a mutant of the BAMAKA clan
  • Brutish action and expendables slave of war ? Sybille faith will help you to cleanse the world among the sisters of the MATRIARCHY
  • Bring back civilisation to this crude world, protect the settlements of survivors and trade to expand your empire with the CONVOY

  • Always outnumbered, but deadly with their special abilities, the fearless drones of the ISCwill please the technology addicts
  • You can also field their worse enemies : the humans from the RESISTANCE, loaded with hi-tech equipments, these deadly warriors will have to manage their energy cell ressources though...
  • At last, pick one of the two HORD booster pack the unleash the savagery of these former human being, now feeding with their minions over the corpses of the survivors !!
Eden being a very compact game, these 100 army point are all that you need to get started !

or select 40€ worth of EDEN individual blisters :
click here to download our miniature list, with all the details needed to compose your ideal warband !  (do not forget to tell us which references you would like)

The starters and blisters can be packed in the following versions :
A 15% discount voucher on Taban Miniatures Webshop
Add 5€ for shipping

a great scenery set, including 9 finely casted elements and one double sided poster offering 2 options of battleground
Scenery set includes 11 finely casted resin elements and require assembly ; images below of our studio painted version
one of the unlocked goodies of your choice 
The starters and blisters can be packed in the following versions : 

A 15% discount voucher on Taban Miniatures Webshop
Add 5€ for shipping within the EEU, 7€ anywhere else

 a second starter box among the 7 factions starter boxes of the game EDEN ! OR a second batch of individual blisters up to 40€
click here to download our miniature list, with all the details needed to compose your ideal warband !  (do not forget to tell us which references you would like)
whether you are unsure about which faction to play, or would like to have anything at hand to fight with your friends when the come home, this perk is designed for you !
The starters and blisters can be packed in the following versions :
a second unlocked goodie
A 15% discount voucher on Taban Miniatures Webshop
Free Shipping Worldwide !
 SHADES of APOCALYPSE : Apocalypse Now +
your miniatures painted at tabletop + level by our design studio
 Free Shipping Worldwide !

Come get Some : Apocalypse Now +
your miniatures painted at studio level by award winning painter Mohand. (You can see examples of his artworks on this page...)
2 extra unlocked goodies
A 15% discount voucher on Taban Miniatures Webshop
Free Shipping Worldwide !

GET A FANCY VAULT : Apocalypse Now +
one of the original artworks of 'Eden - Universe & Survival Rules'
all of the unlocked goodies !!
A 15% discount voucher on Taban Miniatures Webshop

Free Shipping Worldwide !

For easier undestanding of our project's perks, here are 2 overviews of both regular and limited amount perks

Regular Perks

(click on picture to enlarge)

Limited amount perks

(click on picture to enlarge)

Besides the original perk, we would like to reward the contributors if our initial funding need is met and if it raises above this limit !
Each time that we will reach a given Stretch goal, we will invest in a new goodie, most of the time exclusive to this Indiegogo project.
These Add-ons will enhance the gaming experience of the contributors and allow them to play EDEN with style !
The path finder below will show you what we are up to :

LOOT THE VAULT SAFE : We made is ! Thanks to our contributors we are half way to get funded...
The vault safe is open and the wasteland lays beyond !
So, what was the content of this first strech goal ? One goodie ?
NO Survivors .... A DOUBLE goodie and a bonus !
You have unlocked  :
  • a great resin scenery element " The Wall", sculpted by Remi Bostal, that will only be available on this Indiegogo !
  • a resin cast of a fighter from our upcoming EDEN faction, the ASKARIS
  • Although the miniature is scheduled in the December starter Box, this version will get a set of arms, weapon and head exclusively sculpted for indiegogo !
  • BONUS #1 : a Bonus Voucher, that will grant all the contributors of perks "Survivor" and above, a 15% discount on Taban Miniatures webshop ! A great oportunity for those who will get into our game and follow the waves of releases
ASKARI WARRIOR - goodie #1

THE WALL - goodie #2

Thanks a lot, we made it !
Your massive support allows us to press on the "print" button, Santa is coming to Town soon !
Mohand has started to sculpt the Indiegogo exclusive miniature.and ALL the contributors will recieve a resin copy
original concept art designed by Bertrand Benoit :

For the unlocked goodies :
  • an Askari female Warrior (concept also by Bertrand Benoit) that will also differ from the final starter version : both head and arms will be specific to this Indiegogo project...
  • and a second scenery element "The Wild", sculpted by Remi Bostal

THE WILD - goodie #4

Congratulations survivor, with your friends you managed to survive your first night out of the vault !
This trial has unlocked a new goodie : "The last Stand".

A new resin scenery element, limited to this Indiegogo campaign !
One of the new features of "EDEN, universe and Survival rules" will developp further the use of seneries and landscape elements as optional rules : you will be able to hide, get cover, climb, set in flames, explode, jump over them etc...
But beware, some of them can be radioactive or even be the den of some fierce creatures !
Last Stand - goodie #5

All the lucky subscriptors of "Knight of the apocalypse" also get 2 extra goodies choices (for a total of 4 !

Don't think that the world of eden is an empty place, with scare bands of survivors.
Many creatures survived and evolved at the surface while the human kind waited underneath...
Some of them now help your fighters as minions or tamed warbeasts, but most of them roam the battlefield and will attack both sides.

Locked - goodie #6 : PANTHERA
To help the players enjoying this other aspect of the optional rules of EDEN we will cast a sixth goodie if we pass the next stretch Goal !
a fierce panthera crafted by Master sculptor Stéphane N'Guyen :

Locked Bonus #4
Additionaly, all the limited amount perks will be updated with ALL the unlocked goodies (and you will get them painted in the case of "Into the legend" !)

Stay tuned and spread the word !
Apocalypse is getting close, we all need to get prepared !


We got many questions in the comments, or by e-mail... here are the answers to the most common ones :
Q1 - I have forgotten to add the shipping cost to my perk value ! How to resolve this problem ?
A : we will contact all the contributors to check their shipping adress, the starters , blisters or goodies they want + remind them, if necessary to pay for shipping
Q2 :Can I update my perk level ?
A : Yes. After your initial contribution, Yes you can select, for instance, "Wasteland peeble" and contribute for the complement.
Do not forget to drop a comment to inform us. At any case, we will spot this unusual amoiunt and contact you for details
Q3 - I don't understand what are the individual goodies unlocked so far !
A : we have unlocked 2 kind of things : the goodies and the bonuses.
Goodies : 1 askari warrior, the wall resin scenery, 1 Askari female Warrior, the wild resin scenery, and more to come !
For some perks you will have to pick one or several goodies, for others you will get them all !
Bonuses :
  • the exclusive Askari warrior : it will be sent to all the contributors
  • a Taban Miniatures -15% voucher : it will be included in all the  Explorator perks and above
Q4 - Which Eden miniatures and starters are available through the perks ?
A : All the references released up to October 2012. Check the downloadable list for details : here

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