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Fireforge ha anunciado a través de su Facebook que ya están en pre-order el Reglamento de Deus Vult y los Foot Sergeants. Deus Vult es un juego de batallas que esta ambientado en la época medieval. Podremos  crear nuestro lideres, comandar nuestros ejércitos en diferentes escenarios incluso algunos muy desafiantes, además de tener una visión muy completa de la época medieval y las cruzadas en tierra santa, y mucho más.

Los Foot Sergeants vienen 48 miniaturas, la caja nos permitirá construir hasta 24 ballesteros o 48 soldados de a pie. Las miniaturas se ven muy chulas y gracias a usar peanas de diferente tamaño nos permitirá desplazar unidades muy grandes sin mayor inconvenientes. 

The rules of Deus Vult allow you to recreate the flavour of medieval warfare on your tabletop, in a game that is both fun and highly tactical. Brave crusading knights and their men-at-arms take on the defenders of Islam. In this book you are going to find:

The Rules of War. Including rules for creating characterful leaders for your army's divisions, for scouting and seizing the best terrain on the battlefield and for fighting a battle of wit and nerve against your opponent.

Battle Scenarios. A series of different types of engagement, from the classical pitched battle to more complex layouts, which can be used to play challenging battles.

Mustering an Army. Rules for organising your models into an army, including two full army lists for the Early Crusaderr States and the Arab Dynasties, plus a range of sample units from other armies of the medieval period.

Fighting for God. Historical information and a detailed map describing the onset of the Crusades in the Holy Land.

The Battle of Samosata. The illustrated narration of one of our own games, featuring some well-known wargamers.....

Customising your Battles. Includes guidelines and useful tips for running different games of Deus Vult, including tournaments, as well as useful playing aids.

This is the pre-order of our next release "Foot Sergeants". Shippings will start from Tuesday 6th November on a "first come, first served" basis.

For orders of 65€ or more.....FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!
Orders with a total value between 64€ and 35€ are shipped at 5€. Orders under 35€ are shipped at 6,5€.

Payment method is through Paypal, you don't need to have a Paypal account to complete it.

This box enables you to build up to 48 medieval infantry soldiers of the 12th13th century. Several weapon options like spears, swords, axes, maces and crossbows are included. You'll be able to build up to 24 Crossbowmen and/or up to 48 Foot Sergeants figures. Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.

The box contains enough plastic bases for Deus Vult gaming system:
60mm x 40mm = 8 bases
20mm x 20mm = 12 bases


EDITADO: Corregido Arqueros por Ballesteros. jeje.

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