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Warlord  Games ha publciado a traves de su Facebook, una nueva miniatura para su juego Pike and Shotte, el Irish Hero.
Wielding his two-handed claymore this new sculpt, by Paul Hicks, will lead Irish armies from the front!

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From the ancient sagas to modern times, the Irish like a hero. Many are created after too many whiskeys or rambling memories, but there were many that truly stalked Ireland and Scotland in the desperate years of the British civil wars…

Of course one man’s hero is the other sides’ bogey man, and this fellow fits both descriptions nicely. He is one of Montrose’s hard champions, a regimental or company hard man who uses his giant strength and ferocity to great effect in a day when courage and honour meant all.

He would stand his ground, or die. His leather-covered wooden targe already has the heads of pikes and lances of his foes embedded in it, cut from their ash staves with a furious sweep of his giant blade. This man, a brutal hulking fighting clansman will not abandon his lord – what would his own people say of him if he survived?

Our Celtic hero is the perfect man to place in any 17th Scottish/Irish army, as a body guard or to mix in with clansmen on the charge!

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