jueves, octubre 25, 2012


Aunque el Kickstarter de Soda Pop y su Relic Knights haya terminado las noticias siguen llegando. En esta ocasión nos traen imágenes de los greens para los nuevos moldes de plástico  Calico Kate en este caso. Como dicen le han hecho algunas ligeras modificaciones respecto a la miniatura anterior de metal y según parece para mejor. Desde FyD estamos esperando con ansias el avance y la llegada del Kickstarter de Relic Knights en el que hemos participado.

We're hard at work here at Relic Knights HQ and new sculpts and art have started making their way to us. They're looking so awesome that we naturally had to share with our loyal backers. First up we have one that we know many of you were curious about when we said we'd be reworking her for plastic, Calico Kate!

As you can see, she boasts a number of refinements from her first sculpt. Including newly bulked up legs and arms to better withstand the constant use of gameplay. Plus a great new battle pose! This is just the first of the updates that we'll be releasing over the next several months as we march towards release date next year. Stay tuned for more!

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