miércoles, octubre 17, 2012


Aunque ya haya terminado el Kickstarter de Kings of war hace mucho, sigue siendo noticias, ya que Mantic Games con su buen hacer nos tiene informados a todos los participantes día a día. Rémy Tremblay ya ha terminado de esculpir los ogros para Kings of War, en la que hay 4 tipos de armas y 6 cabezas distintas. La imagen que acompaña la noticia es del Ogro que dio el pistoletazo de salida al Kickstarter de Kings of War, y el parecido es increible.

¿Se parece?, pues claro que si.

We're making steady progress on the new sculpts for our Kings of War range as those of you at our Open Day can attest, and sculptor extraordinaire Rémy Tremblay has pretty much finished the fantastic range of Ogres.

The range currently includes 4 different weapon options and 6 different heads, and Rémy is just finishing off the iconic Ogre Hero that kicked off this project all the way back in May. Want to see what he's been up to?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in France, Grégory Clavilier has been hard at work on a couple of our other new units. Can anyone hear howling?

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