domingo, octubre 14, 2012


Estaq actualización del Kickstarter es bien grande. En esta ocasión, como ya dije, se desbloqueo el ogro de tres cabezas, y han mostrado unos bocetos nuevos como el caso del Fimir y la Momia. ¿pero que novedades más trae? Pues bien han añadido varios niveles más de donaciones, uno de ellso nos oferta una plantilla completa de monstruos o bien se pueden comprar poniendo 125 dolares. Además ya han ido recibiendo los primeros diseños de la gente que quiere incluir su arte en el juego y están trabajando en ello. Además hablan de la posibilidad de personalizar al unicornio con alas y otros complementos para hacer mas variantes, todo un acierto.

UPDATE: Ya actualizaron la imagen con el enano y el brujo y se ve realmente genial. Aunque no se parezca como yo pensé al del Hero Quest tiene una postura muy solemne y cierto aire. Este Kickstarter se esta poniendo muy interesante.

With our great backer support we unlocked the 3 Headed Ogre. He is a TYPE II figure and can be added to any level for $8 if you are not getting your TYPE II unlocks for free with your reward level.

But we have a lot of good news past that. We've already committed to creating the 4 figures that are included in Stretch Goal #10 so you can add them to your reward levels immediately if you desire for $5. If we reach our Stretch Goal of $27.500 then these 4 figures will become unlocked TYPE I models and so will be included for free with CHAMPION, KINGMAKER, SUMMONER or LEGEND level backers. The 4 figures in this stretch goal are One Eyed Demon, Mummy, Lich and Dwarf. We are still waiting on some art from Lorraine so we can only show you two of the Chibi forms at this time.

By promising to create these 4 figures, it allowed us to create a new backer level for QUESTING HERO. This will give you 35 figurines in this set for only $125. You can either pick it as a reward level or you can add $125 to ANY reward level and also get this set of 35 figurines.

But wait there's more!

We added a new SUMMONER and LEGEND level that allow backers to create their own TYPE I or TYPE II figurine with our approval. We've already had 3 backers take us up on this level and Lorraine is working on the art for their concepts. These 3 new figures are already available to add to your reward for $5 each and are included for free with CHAMPION, KINGMAKER, SUMMONER and LEGEND levels.

The 3 new figures they have selected to have made are a Female Fire Mage merged with a Fire Elemental, a Death Knight, and a Female Praying Cleric. As soon as we have the art for their Chibi concepts we'll share them with you.

Finally, we've had backers come to us and ask us to add in some figurines that are outside of the grand plan for the Dungeon Adventurer Stretch Goals. With their help (thank you Glenn McClune) and ideas (thank you Bronies). We now have a Rabbid and a Pony that you can add to your reward for $5. We are also working on creating accessories for the Pony and Unicorn that could add either wings or firey hooves to them to create Pegasus, Nightmare and Alicorn variants. Those are not finished yet so for now its just the Pony you can add on if you'd like to.

So what is the sum total of this update?
We are now offering 29 different figurines in this KickStarter!

That is a great run up from the 6 we started with and we thank you backers for all your help getting us there!

We still have a lot more concepts that we'd love to add on to this KickStarter before it ends, so thank you in advance for any social media and forum shout-outs you can give us to spread the word about our Chibi Dungeon Adventurers KickStarter!

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