jueves, octubre 11, 2012


21 días y este Kickstarter avanza, ya se han desbloqueado más cosas, entre ellas los zombies y esqueletos pasan a ser de tipo uno y se pueden comprar además por 5 $ cada uno. Además aumentaron la cantidad de miniaturas extra gratis de 14 a 20 para el nivel de Kingmaker.

Ahora empezaran a añadir figuras de tipo II, empezando por el ogro de 3 cabezas. 

Stretch Goal #8 UNLOCKED! Thank you backers!

In plenty of time for Halloween the dead have risen and are now unlocked to be added to your rewards. Both the Zombie and Skeleton are TYPE I and can be added to your reward for $5 each.


In addition, we are adding an extra 6 TYPE I figures to the KINGMAKER level so that you now get 20 extra TYPE I figures with your reward instead of 14.

Time to start adding some TYPE II figures into the mix. The 3 Headed Ogre is a large monster and will be between 55 to 60mm tall. He is just waiting to pound you into the ground if only his heads could agree on how far to pound you into it.

So for all you backers at OVERLORD and WARRIOR ... this is a chance to get your first free figure since the Demon Prince added into your reward. So if you have someone you didn't tell about this KickStarter ... tell them now and get your reward on the way to being even better.

Starting with this reward, the rewards should alternate between two TYPE I figures and one TYPE II figure. This will help make sure going forward we get a good mix of both kinds of figurines into the rewards.


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