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Impact Miniatures ya ha tenido un buen puñado de actualizaciones en estos días en su Kickstarter. Lo que empezó como una pequeña selección de héroes chibi se esta transformando poco a poco en una oleada de miniaturas que recuerdan mucho a la serie de Dragones y Mazmorras. Ya han subvencionado varios villanos y van a empezar a sacar a los secuaces de cada uno de los episodios a cada nueva meta que alcancen. No me extrañaria ver algunos que otros secundarios y sobre todo a la adorable Uni.

El arte me encanta ya solo queda esperar que las figuras cumplan con las expectativas cada vez mayores que se esta depositando a este Kickstarter. No importa si tenéis un juego como el Super Dungeon Explorer para usarlas o no, simplemente por lo que son merece la pena tenerlas. 


When we decided to pursue this parody project we had great hopes that it would appeal to the community. We had no hopes though of funding during the first 24 hours (actually 22 1/2). Serious thank yous to all our backers.

And now the fun part begins. We are past the part where we needed to get enough money to afford the project ... now we can start the stretch goals and add on new items.

The first few and most of the stretch goals will be add-on stretch goals (meaning when we reach that level of funding you can add that miniature onto your pledge for a set amount of extra pledge). However we know we have at least one stretch goal for some free miniatures add-ons if we reach that point so not every stretch goal will be asking you to reach for your wallet.

On to Stretch Goal #1:

If we reach $5000 this will unlock the Diminutive Mage who is a true master of his art. This miniature will be a Type I figure which means if we reach $5000 for the funding, you can add him to your pledge for an extra $5. (so if you want the original 6 figures and this one ... pledge $35 at the $30 pledge level).

Andrew already sculpted this one for us so his funding goal is to make sure we pay Andrew for it (or more correctly pay us back for paying Andrew) and getting the moulding and casting made. Below is a picture of the sculpt and Lorraine artwork.

Once the Diminutive Mage funds, we plan to have a new stretch goal for $2500 from that point (so $7500, $10000, $12500 etc.) So stay tuned as we have lots of ideas for Stretch Goals for character types and monsters going forward.


Stretch Goal #1 in under 2 days ... Chris and Tom at Impact! are completely overwhelmed by the support of our backers so far. THANK YOU!

You can now add the Diminutive Mage to any pledge level for $5 (he is a TYPE I figure).


Stretch Goal #2 is at $7500 and unlocks our first TYPE II Monster figure. He is a Demon Prince. He's been rumored to have possible ties to the Diminutive Mage but nothing has ever been seen to confirm this or not.

If we reach $7500 you'll be able to add the Demon Prince to any reward level for $8.

Oh and a hint of what is coming next:


This is our 10th KickStarter and what we found over and over ... our most successful projects are the ones driven by our backers. So anything you can do to let people know about this KickStarter on Facebook, Twitter or on any forums you are members of ... that is what will let us see just how many stretch goals we can reach. We very much thank you right now for any and all help we get on this front. If you want the short link to this project for Twitter ... use http://kck.st/PtThYI


For Stretch Goal #4 we want to start doing some monster fodder that your characters could slay!

However we'd like to get your votes to decide what which slayable beastie we create for Stretch Goal #4.

The Poll is here: http://kwiksurveys.com/app/showpoll.asp?sid=fif97dnemwwdoz225258&qid=25258&new=True


When we hit Stretch Goal #3, the leader of the poll will be what we have Lorranie sketch for us for Stretch Goal #4.

Now to borrow one of my favorite cartoon lines:


We've had several people wonder if every Stretch Goal is going to be us asking for more cash. We'd run the numbers on our costs and want to make a special offer that will be true for the rest of this KickStarter.

For every 4 TYPE I Add-ons you purchase, you'll get the 5th one one for Free. For every 4 TYPE II Add-ons you purchase, you'll get the 5th one for Free.

This will let us have two different effects for the duration of the KickStarter.
1: If you are getting just one of each different figure you like, you'll get periodic free Stretch Goal figures to pick from.
2: If you want to get multiples of certains monsters to create a small horde of them, you can get 5 for the price of 4


Need a dungeon for your adventurers to explore. We have high quality cardstock dungeon tiles to use to set up your adventure. 19 room tiles and 20 tiles to add pits, trap doors and treasure chests. The squares on the tiles are 29mm square. You can get the tiles from the DUNGEONS or MINE! ALL MINE! levels.


Thank you Backers!

With $7500 reached the Demon Prince is unlocked. He is a TYPE II figure and can be added to your pledge for an Add-on of $8.

The next Stretch Goal is for an Evil Fighter. He'll be unlocked at $10000 and will be a TYPE I figure.

An apology. We planned for success by planning out our Stretch Goals and options and we had sketches worked up in advance. But we thought there would be a big gap between reaching each goal (not that we are complaining at all!) The side effect is that I don't yet have the sketch for the Evil Fighter but it should be coming in very soon. To try to fix this we've requested the next 8 Stretch Goals be sketched up right now so that we can try to get ahead of the curve on the KickStarter. So while we are running slightly behind at this moment we should be back in front of the pledges in very short order.
T-shirts - $20 each (something for the whole family)

You asked for it ... we worked to provide it. T-shirts with the main graphic with a choice between FEAR NOT or AND ACROBAT header. 4 shirt types and several color and size options. Any shirt from the list is a $20 Add-on to your pledge ... fell free to outfit the entire family!

Note: We've used this T-shirt manufacturer for Impact City Roller Derby. The color of the image is DEFINITELY altered if your shirt color is other than white. We actually like the way our graphics for our roller derby game looked with a blue or yellow tint to the image but it was something we didn't know when we ordered the shirts so I want to make sure you are aware of this fact before you add-on a shirt or more.


Due to Backer requests for a "Sweet Spot" we've added two new pledge levels:

Pledge $100 or more - WARRIOR LEVEL: Any 14 TYPE I figures of your choice (original 6 or any unlocked Stretch Goal TYPE I (duplicates allowed)), 1 T-Shirt, 1 set of Adventurers dice (your choice of white/gold or color) and one of EVERY unlocked TYPE II Stretch Goal figurines during the entire KickStarter. Add $3 for International Shipping.

Pledge $150 or more - CHAMPION LEVEL: Original 6 characters, Demon Prince figurine, 1 T-shirt, both sets of Adventurers dice (14 dice), 1 Dungeon Tiles set, 6 pewter Treasure Chests, and one of EVERY unlocked TYPE I Stretch Goal figurines during the entire KickStarter. Add $3 for International Shipping.

Here are the details for Stretch Goals #3 to #6 that we have so far:

For every 4 TYPE I add-ons you buy, you get one TYPE I of your choice for free. For every 4 TYPE II add-ons you buy, you get one TYPE II of your choice for free.

At $17500, we'll unlock 3 more figures. One TYPE I and a team that will be sold together a TYPE II figure.

At $15000, we'll unlock 3 monsters that you normally need to slay in small hordes. The Pig-faced Orc, Bullywog and Goblin will all be unlocked as TYPE I figures if Stretch Goal #5 is reached.

At $12500, the shadowy henchman of the Demon Prince will be unlocked as a TYPE I Add-on figure.

At $10000 we'll unlock another TYPE I figurine. This one will be a heavily armored evil fighter.


We've unlocked the Evil Fighter! A TYPE I figure you can add to your reward for $5.


At $12500, the shadowy henchman of the Demon Prince will be unlocked as a TYPE I Add-on figure.

And we are hoping to add this ghostly right hand man quickly because we have hordes of minion monsters to offer as the stretch goal after him.

What comes after the the Hordes advance? How about some figurines that depending on how you use them could be either creature/characters to fight against and overcome ... or at your side heading into battle.

Remember we have Stretch Goals up through #18 already roughly mapped out so anything you can do to give the project a boost through Facebook, Twitter and forums you participate in can help us unlock even more figures before the project is finished.


We are well on the way to unlocking Shadow Demon and starting to work on unlocking the 3 Horde Monsters.

Lorraine did a great job on the Shadow Demon and Evil Fighter for our sculptor to use and we wanted to show it off to all of you.

Also based on requests for an Evil design for the T-shirt we added a 3rd design that can be selected.


Shadow Demon is unlocked as a TYPE I figure and can be added for $5 ... THANK YOU BACKERS!

For those that did not see ... we've added a new Backer level. OVERLORD which is a sweet spot reward level that only has figurines in it. We received many requests for such a level and we are trying to listen to our backers as much as possible to bring them the requests they are making.

At $15000, we'll unlock 3 monsters that you normally need to slay in small hordes. The Goblin, Pig-faced Orc and Bullywog will all be unlocked as TYPE I figures if Stretch Goal #5 is reached.

If you pledged at the CHAMPION, this is where you can help yourself and us at the same time! Help get the word out about this KickStarter because if we hit this level and the next ... that is 6 more free figures in your reward!!! So if you are backing at CHAMPION and have not Facebook posted or Tweeted about this or started a thread on your forum that you participate in ... now is the time to get the word out and seriously add some figures to your reward.

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