lunes, octubre 22, 2012


Poco a poco van acercándose a la meta de su Kickstarter de 7.500 $. Es muy de agradecer las actualizaciones de esta publicando, ya que vemos como poco a poco van esculpiendo las miniaturas. Troll Forged Miniatures esta llevando bastante bien el Kickstarter y ya con 106 participantes ha conseguido una muy buena cifra. Quedan aún 23 días por lo tanto mucho que ver hasta que finalice este Kickstarter.


I wanted to try and avoid some confusion. The old grub shown are old and I want better grub, the best. I also want to offer these for $1 a piece by the end of the Kickstarter for those who stick with me and help get this done. They will be 30mm tall, 3 bodies to start with 3 heads so I ended up on figuring out 9 total designs. The heads Des Hanley drew will be these new grub and only one of his he kept from my old grub the far left in the pic below.

So here are a series of shots for you of a wip, this is about 15min work so I will tighten this up a lot and other crispness brought out with green stuff after I bake. This is to help explain a bit. In my game system these are in the 1000ands running about while the more advanced stuff is fewer in numbers. Hope this helps a bit and everyone does not get a bad vibe. I am very happy with the start and can't wait to get more time to start and finish these.

I will bring up as well that this is very early, they will bulk up a bit as I add things which they ate pressing against skin and the little spines of the bones showing through skin etc in the back spine. I hope to have a fully completed version done in a week tops working at night.


Last update until I finish him off. Next I bake, then green work. Hope you like thus far.


For the most part he is done. I might add some little spines, etc. very small pointy stuff is all. Other wise the sculpt matches the concept art pretty well. All I changed were very minor things for molding and the heads will have slight variation per head also. That means the similar heads will even change a slight bit. The idea is these things evolve many different ways.

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