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Quedan 59 horas para que acabe este Kickstarter y aquí tenéis las ultimas actualizaciones que traen muchas y variadas miniaturas para este juego. El Shambling Mound, una Medusa, más piezas para los los pony, y muchas más cosas.


With still over a week to go with the KickStarter we've not unlocked the Shambling Mound TYPE II. A 60mm moss monster that can also double as a treeman.

You can add him to any pledge level for $8.

Up next ... at $50000 we unlock Medusa for your Dungeon Adventures to try and defeat without becoming Chibi statues!

And we have many more items to announce that have happened over the last few days. When we added the KINGMAKER level there were 30 figurines in it .. and now it is up over 60 ... and it will only keep growing as we knock down pledge levels until we reach the end.


We have added 6 new accessories to the Pony Pack and made it so you can now choose which 6 you want with it.

The Pony Pack can be added to any reward level for $30 (and you can add-on more than one set if you want to any reward). The set includes 3 Unicorns, 3 Ponys and 2 Pony Accessory Packs (each pack has your choice of any 3 accessories). For those that just wanted the Unicorn D6, you can add that to any reward for $3.

You can add additional Unicorn, Pony or Pony Accessory Packs to your reward for $5 for each additional one (or any 5 of them for $20).


Chris and I talked and decided that if/when we reach Stretch Goal #18 for Medusa that we should include an extra incentive to the Queen Mo reward to celebrate hitting $50000 (as that is a heck of a point to hit!!!)

So to share the joy of reaching $50000, when we reach that point we will add 10 more TYPE I figurine picks to the QUEEN MO level. Increasing that level to having 80 TYPE I picks instead of 70.

Also I wanted to address that we've had many questions about the reward levels that have TYPE I picks. Yes you can use the Summoner figurines, Rabbid, Pony and Pony Accessory Pack as TYPE I selections for any of the reward levels that are a pick your own TYPE I rewards (ADVENTURER, OVERLORD, BOSS MONSTER, CHAMPION and QUEEN MO).


We raised enough in 24 hours to unlock Medusa so she can now be added any reward for $5. Also we unlocked adding 10 more figurines to the QUEEN MO level (which means you know get 80 TYPE I picks instead of 70 for that level).

The Medusa is a great looking Chibi.

With her unlocked, we are now working on Stretch Goal #19 which we reach at $55000. That goal is for the TYPE II 60mm tall Hooked Beast. A slice and dice expert in the dugeon.

We still have several more KickStarter stretch goals planned out and woudl love to see them announced and unlocked so here is thank you our backers and hoping the project can continue rolling!


Before the progress report ... Chris and I have a special QUEEN MO announcement! If we reach 50 QUEEN MO backers (either thought new backers or backers changing their reward to QUEEN MO) we will add another 5 TYPE I figurines to that level giving it a total of 85 TYPE I picks (along with 1 of each TYPE II). So beat the social media and forum bushes and see if you can find us the remaining needed Queens!
STRETCH GOAL 19 unlocked!

Overnight our great backers pushed the KickStarter over $55k which means the Hooked Beast is now unlocked and can be added to any reward for $8 as he will be a 60mm TYPE II figurine.

The Hooked Beast is the 49th figure option added to the KickStarter ... so what do we have up next for the milestone 50th miniature to add to the project? Well, Lorraine our artist has been incredible during the project and her art has been amazing. Lorraine asked if we could turn her RPG character into a Chibi mini for the KickStarter and we gladly pushed our TYPE I plans back in order to put her character figure in at the 50th figure. Lorraine's character is a female Centaur archer. She is TYPE I and will be unlocked at $60000. Some have already asked if the Pony accessories will work perfectly with her (ie no need to get putty and knife to convert). The normal, fire and tentacle tail should as well as the flame hoovies. The Tentacle mouth and Hat would be a no. As for the eagle, flame and bat wings ... assume no for now and we'll see what works when we sculpt it.

Also if you have not stopped by the KickStarter lately ... we are showing off art as fast as we can get it for future stretch goals, so check in from time to time as we update the art as fast as we can.

We have many more ideas for new miniature past the Centaur ... how far can we go!


We have created special solid bases for our miniatures (or any other miniatures you want to put on them). The bases are in 46mm and 22mm size and you can select a pack of either type in either slotted or non-slotted bases.

A pack of 9 22mm bases will be $5 with this KickStarter. A pack of 4 46mm bases will be $5 as well with the KickStarter. Because of the material cost of the bases these will need to be only add-on items and cannot be used as a TYPE I pick for any level other than ADVENTURER. However you will be able to buy 4 packs of any style of bases and get a 5th pack of bases of any type for free.

These bases should be available in our normal online store by end of November 2012 but the planned pricing at this time is 3 22mm bases for $2 and 1 46mm base for $1.50. So while you'd need to wait to receive them if ordered as part of this KickStarter, you will get them at a decent discount for waiting especially if you do the buy 4 get 1 free.

Finally Chris and I have decided to include 1 free no slot 46mm stonework base with every TYPE II figure in each backer's reward. The TYPE I figures will still be shipped with a standard plain black plastic 25mm slotted base.
525 Backer stretch reward

In addition to offering to add 5 more TYPE I picks to QUEEN MO when we reach 50 QUEEN MO backers (to bring it up to 85 total), we are now offering a Stretch Reward for reaching 525 Total Backers.

When we reach 525 Total Backers, we'll add 1 extra TYPE I pick to OVERLORD and 2 extra TYPE I picks to BOSS MONSTER.


Quick update ... we had a great suggestion from backer Mo (thanks Mo!) so that people who were looking forward to using some picks to get bases can do so.

If you want to use a TYPE I pick from reward level OVERLORD, WARRIOR, BOSS MONSTER, KINGMAKER and QUEEN MO to get a pack of 9 22mm bases or 4 46mm bases, you just need to add $2 for each pick you want to use to get bases instead of a TYPE I miniature.

This will allow any backer who say wanted 45 22mm bases to get them for $10 and 5 TYPE I picks from their reward level instead of having to add $20 on to their reward level to get the bases.

Hope this helps makes the KickStarter more flexible for those that really wanted to get the bases to make their miniatures look better.

Oh and one other question we had ... the miniatures do not come pre-based. They will all come with seperate bases from the miniature.


This morning was a great flurry of activity and we unlocked both our Backer stretch goals (525 Total Backers and 50 Queen Mo backers).

So we've added more TYPE I picks to 3 of our levels!

We've added 1 extra TYPE I pick to OVERLORD so it now has 20 TYPE I picks instead of 19.

We've added 2 extra TYPE I picks to BOSS MONSTER so it now has 42 TYPE I picks instead of 40.

We've added 5 extra TYPE I picks to QUEEN MO so it now has 85 TYPE I picks instead of 80 (which was an increase from the original 70 we offered we we first made the level).

We already already more than halfway to the awesome TYPE II 6 armed Marilith. So with the final days upon us any shout-outs to social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and forums is greatly appreciated. Our last KickStarter made an extra 33% over where it was in the last 24 hours and we'd love to unlock many Stretch Goals for our backers with this KickStarter by doing something similar!


We reached the Marilith stretch goal so this TYPE II will now have one added to all the Stretch Goals that automatically get all the TYPE II figures and any other level (or levels needing more than 1) can add her for $8 each. We now have 51 miniatures in our KickStarter now ... thank you backers!

Up next when we reach $70000, we unlock the Gnoll as a TYPE I figurine.

In addition to this good news ... we have decided that anyone wanting to replace TYPE I picks for Stonework bases can do so either $2 per a pack substituting a pick or $3 for 2 packs substituting 2 picks. So if you wanted 5 packs (ie 45 22mm stonework bases), you could use 5 of your TYPE I piks and add an extra $8 to your pledge to get them ($3+$3+$2). The bases are solid and will also be cast in Trollforge plastic resin.

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