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El Kickstarter de Impact Miniatures no ha echo más que crecer y la selección de miniaturas ya supera las 41. Los diseños son muy llamativos y prometen más ampliaciones para el pack de los ponyes con más piezas que permitan una mayor personalización. Quedan 8 días para que finalice este Kickstarter y ya han recaudado 43.893 $.


We have Stretch Goals #14 and #15 planned out and will announce them whenever we have art from Lorraine or we unlock Stretch Goal #13 whichever comes first.

However we cannot decide on 3 horde style TYPE I monsters that Chris and I would like to see added to KickStarter.

So we are letting you vote on the 3 that we'd like to do. We realize that many suggestions have been made during the KickStarter but for these 3 we want to go back to the original inspiration of the KickStarter and bring another one of those monsters from that genre to being sculpted.

So without further ado ... here is the poll for the 3 horde monster types to pick from:


May the best monster from this set win!


Thanks to our backers suggestions and support we are up to 41 miniatures now planned to be produced for this KickStarter and we have plenty more still planned and 3 new Summoner levels still in the works.

I don't have the ability to do a big update right now but I wanted to make sure if you have not stopped by the KickStarter lately that we show you the great list of figures now available through the KickStarter.

Thank you for helping us reach this point and we very much look forward to seeing how many more goals we can reach with you before it is over!


Our KickStarter just keeps rolling along which is great ... thanks backers.

We've unlocked the Dire Wolf at $42500 and now he can be added to any pledge level for $5 (or is included free with CHAMPION and KINGMAKER).

Up next is the Shambling Moss Monster which is a TYPE II 60mm miniature that can act as a mound of moss or a Treeman version for your dungeon. We will unlock this miniature at $45000.

Also we should have a good update tomorrow about new options being available for the Pony pack as we've been working on 6 extra accessories to go with them for you. Once these are finished, we'll be making a nice upgrade to the Pony Pack for everyone and giving you options to add in more of these accessories to customize the Pony and Unicorn bodies ... more on that tomorrow.

We have great Stretch Goal figures planned out still and there are 3 new Summoner figures in the works. So stay tuned and any and all promotion of this KickStarter that our backers have given us ... thank you so much!

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