domingo, octubre 21, 2012


Vesper-on Games ha publicado en su Facebook una nueva actualización para el Indiegogo de Morgraur- Rashaar, una nueva miniatura exclusiva, el Dwarf Pulcinella. La miniatura es una chulada y con un toque muy espacial de humor. Es una oportunidad única de conseguir esa miniatura. 

That’s right folks, we’re on the last leg of this race. We can honestly say that we received much more than we originally expected, but now we’re fighting for Stretch Goals here, so let’s go for one last push!
First of all, due to popular pressure, we’ve managed to set aside a few more Complete Carnevale catalogues, so we are making a few more of those available. If you were thinking about getting one of them, now’s the time.
But that’s not all, we’re putting a new model on the game. It is a very special one becauseTHIS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE on regular stores, not even in our online store. This is an Event Exclusive Model, so you will only be capable of getting it in special events where Vesper-on Games is attending or directly promoting. We present you the Dwarf Pulcinella. Wanna get it? Read how can you get it right here.
This model is only available for those people who have Pledges of 37$ or more. To get it we will need a new contribution of 12$, that you can put through the Thanks mate! Perk, or if you’re pledging for the first time just add those 12$ to whichever Perk you wish to have. Important note: Bear in mind that this particular pledge will not generate any further “free blisters”, and that the Dwarf Pulcinella cannot be chosen as a “free blister” (since it is not available in our web-store).
Just ten days to go! 

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