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Warlord Games ha publicado en su Facebook que ya se puede reservar la caja de infantería soviética.
Las miniaturas siguen la linea de otras cajas de Warlord Games, cajas llenas de miniaturas, cuarenta para ser exactos, con muchas opciones de personalización y unos detalles muy buenos. Me quedo con la miniatura con el cóctel molotov y las que llevan las mantas enrolladas al rededor del cuerpo. Os puedo asegurar que montar las miniaturas de Warlord Games y pintarlas es realmente increíble.

The Red Horde is almost upon us! Stalin’s Soviet soldiers are now immortalised in hard plastic with this, our latest plastic Bolt Action set. You can place a pre-order for these superb miniatures now…

These are the men who fought ferociously to defend Mother Russia from the German invasion of 1941 through to the fall of Berlin in 1945. Simple peasant soldiers, they were taught to obey orders and do as they were told. Their life was hard and their battles probably unequalled in history for scale and suffering.

The Russian divisions grew from a disorganised mass to a fully capable and experienced force of modern infantry in just a few short years, a deadly weapon tempered in the cauldron of battle against the German invaders.

“Quantity has a quality of its own” said Joseph Stalin, alluding to the huge numbers of men he could put into the field. Well-equipped with simple, solid weaponry the Soviet soldier was a terror in attack and the very devil in defence as the legendary sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad hold in stark testimony.

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Soviet Infantry contains:
Enough plastic components to make 40 Soviet Union infantry miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models.

Weapons included:
Mosin-Nagant rifle (scoped, with bayonet and without), PTRD Anti-tank rifle, submachine guns (PPS-43 , PPSh-41 and PPD-40), Mosin-Nagant carbine, DT-28 light machine gun, Tokarev semi-automatic rifle (and bayonet version), pistols and captured Panzerfaust!
Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
Background leaflet.

As you can see there is a stack of variety available with bodies wearing a mix of Summer and quilted uniforms. The sheer variety of equipment and weaponry in this set is bewildering – you can even have your soldiers fighting close quarters wielding entrenching tools!

The new plastics are just the star of what will be a comprehensive Soviet range – we already have the likes of the Iosef Stalin 2 heavy tank on the way (and loads more vehicles!) as well as many metal sets such as Forward Observer teams and Scouts. The Red Army are often the poor relation compared to German, British and US ranges but not here at Warlord Games!

It would be rude of us not to include the Soviet anti-tank rifle wouldn’t it? You’ll also be able to arm this prone pose with the DP-28 light machine gun, sniper rifle or one of the other weapons on this Soviet Weapons sprue.

What kind of company would we be if we didn’t include Molotov Cocktails? Is there anything that screams ‘Soviet!’ more?

We also have a discount three box deal and a buy five get the sixth box free deal so you can start assembling your Red Army as quickly as possible – comrade Stalin would be proud!

Assemble your men, fix bayonets, look to your front and don’t let the Commissar see you lag behind…

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