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Urban Mammoth ha publicado a través del Facebook de Urban War, imágenes de un nuevo juego con miniaturas de 6 mm, Age of Tyrants. Por ahora poco se sabe del juego excepto la escala, unos reenders y los bocetos del mismo. El diseño sigue la estética de Urban War. Desde Fyd estaremos atentos al desarollo de este nuevo juego de Urban Mammoth.

Hi folks,Welcome to the Age of Tyrants Facebook page. A bit of background; the game is set in the Urban War universe within the Draconis Alba Galaxy, however it is set in the past in the period called the Age of Tyrants. In this period it is the Homeworld factions of Viridians, Junkers, VASA and Syntha that vie for colonies in Panhumanic space. The Koralon as yet have not been encountered.The g

ame has a planned release date of April 2013. From now onwards we will be previewing artwork, miniatures, painting articles, terrian buidling as well as fiction and details on the game.
We hope you enjoy ;)
Age of Tyrants is designed by John Robertson, Mark Brendan, Wayne England, Ben Skinner and Rene Van de Moosdijk supported by James Scott Robertson and Jarrod Cornforth.

Each faction in Age of Tyrants will have infantry, artillery, apcs and of course tanks!Here is the very first concept by Wayne for a Viridian MBT- this was sketched out after a short conversation with John, keeping things very loose to sta

rt with while trying to create a feel for the look, not only for the faction but also the game. More concepts of the tank will follow to allow you to see the progression of the concept to its final form.

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