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Desde el Facebook de Aarklash Chronicles se ha lanzado un concurso que consiste hacer una ilustración a partir del un relato que publican. Tanto las bases como el relato lo tenéis en este post.

The moon was already at its peak when the massive silhouette of a Wolfen entered the center of the arena. Gamehead was not the safest area of the city, but at least nobody sane or with an ounce of survival instinct would imagine attack this particular Wolfen. Krenald, the Peer of Gamehead, more massive than its congeners, almost as big as were the Worgs of the origins, was the undisputed master of the place. He stopped without even glancing at the human now on his right. The man was bent but still robust, despite his easily guessed old age. After a few minutes the two of them staring at the lodge of the nobility without saying a word, the old man broke the silence.

"- The sands of the pit of claws are waiting for the blood offerings!" whispered the old master of arms.
"- I know, old man... Soon, they shall receive it, rivers of blood will flow. The vision has been clear, and providence is smilling upon us." snapped Kernald. Since his nomination to Peerage, he has worked restlessly to this end. The ducal ban, which struck the gladiatorial practices was coming to an end, and already the news had spread through the streets of Cadwallon, and when Cadwallon murmur, the rest of the continent give ear.

Weeks have passed, and now it was the night they've all been waiting for. The city was buzzing, even more than it usually does. Rich dignitaries of the most prestigious families were craming the small arenas. The atmosphere was heavy, the austere gray stones of the arenas contrasted with the exuberant colors of the clothes of the nobility. The hubbub of conversation stopped abruptly when the Wolfen horns roared. The first battles were about to begin.

Beneath the sands, men and beasts alike were preparing to fight, fights they knew many of them wouldn't survive. Stitch had been personally invited to the event by the Peer himself. Of course, it was the kind of gesture you wouldn't refuse, unless you really enjoyed the idea of parting with one of your arms... And even if having three of those hasn't exactly been easy growing up, and even now kept attracting curios gazes, his dexterity made him pretty renowned with the free leaguers. He joined the room that had been reserved for his duties in the bowels of the arena. His instruments were all neatly arranged, bandages and ointments had been brought a few hours earlier. He was ready to repair what he could.

In the corridors of the arena, tension was rising fast. The Rag'narok may rage beyond the walls of Cadwallon, but tonight, during these hours out of time, fighters from each people of Aarklash would trample the sands of the arena. Even if they were many to be attracted by the promise of gold and glory, Kernald had personally assured that the militia would not pay too much attention to the... less voluntary fighters. Slave traders had flocked from all parts to present beasts and slaves. Dwarves and goblins, true to their customs, had redoubled their ingenuity in fighting inventions that promised explosive encounters.

Kernald heard the roar of the horns soon drowned out by the roar of the crowd, it was time for him to join the lodge and announce the games open. Making his way through fighters, beasts and chained slaves, his blood was pumping, his bloodthirsty eyes brighten up, and beneath his richly decorated outfit, made from the most precious fabrics and the most exquisite armor, the wild beast was raging. His gaze lingered on a Dirz battle clone, the thing was the promise of an interesting... show.

In a dark corner, a goblin seemed to be deep engaged in conversation with what appeared to the Wolfen to be a small human far too hairy to be honest, or a way overdressed ape, about a massive ogre who was looking passively to them both.

"A night to remember." he thought you fixing the swarming mass of fighters who lay before him.

Fire Industries is pleased to launch its first "concept art" contest.


  • Submit your concept art before october 30th 2012 on our website;
  • Submit an original concept art belonging fully to you, as defined in our terms regarding artwork submission;
  • Submit a concept art related to the theme of the contest;
  • Add "Contest - Arenas of Cadwallon" in the description of your concept art.


  • We will select, before november 5th 2012, among the submitted concept arts those we will produce;
  • We will announce the winners on our facebook page;
  • The selected concept arts will then be sculpted and produced;
  • If they haven't done so already, the winners will be invited to provide us with their delivery address;
  • The winners will receive an exemplar of each miniature produced in the thematic range of the contest;
  • The winners will be the first to receive the miniatures.

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