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El Kickstarter de Soda pop Miniatures ya ha alcanzado casi los 800.000 $ de recaudación a cinco horas de finalizar. Es realmente increible lo que están consiguiendo. Se han desbloqueado un buen puñado más de personajes de Dungeon Explorer, posturas alternativas para algunas miniatruas del starter set, y sobre todo unas nuevas miniaturas especiales de un aspecto y tamaño impresionantes.

Desde forja y desvan, tanto garou_den como yo os aconsejamos participar en este increible kickstarter.

3,117 Backers

$800,365 pledged of $20,000 goal

5 hours to go



another hyper cute SDE crossover fig unlocks as a Special Edition Miniatures choice, or for $10!

And of course, don't forget the Boost Tokens coming up at $560k! Remember, these are 1 per Savior level pledge, and extras are available for $10!


These are nifty little optional items that you add to the base of your models to both increase their effectiveness and point value. Mines, anyone?

Up next is SDE Kasaro! Even a huge demon overlord can be chibified with great results!

If we hit $580k, SDE Kasaro will become available as a Special Edition Miniatures choice!

Also not forgetting -

Additional battle poses of Malya, Calico Kate and One Shot will be added to the respective Relic Knights so you'll get a choice between a pin-up pose or a more serious one - and will be free at $600k!


The pledge level you want is Mercenary Charter ($50).

You'll be allowed to tradeback your Faction Starter for a $50 credit, allowing you to pick up the rest of the SDE figs!

Reminder: Shipping still applies on international pledges at this level.

Amended:- Does not include a Special Edition Miniatures choice, so the total for all 6 SDE would be $60.


Here's a quick reiteration of what you can and can't do trading in your stuff.

At no time may traded credit apply to shipping.

Credit may be applied to
Special Edition Miniatures
Optional Items
Additional Faction Starter ($50 each, +$15 for international shipping).

Mercenary Faction Starter
May trade in for $50 in credit to apply to Special Edition figures or Optional items
Applicable shipping charges still apply (i.e. $15 for international shipping)

Savior types Faction Starter
May trade in 1 Faction Starter for every 2 for $50/$45/$40 in credit for Savior, Double Savior and Got to Get Em All respectively. i.e. Savior will be 1 at $50, Double Savior 2 at $45 and GTGEA 3 at $40 each max.
Free Boost Tokens will be given only for every 2 Faction Starters, so if you trade away 1 Faction Starter at Savior, you will not get them for free, although you can still pick them up at $10 per set.

Hardback rulebooks
May trade in any number of hardback rulebooks for $35 value. Note, you'll need at least one to field the optional units properly
This does not apply to the $45 pledge level.

Multiple pledge rewards
Pledge the total amount for your pledge rewards. i.e. if you want 2 GTGEA pledge at least $540.
When trading in Faction Starters, the highest value will be traded first. e.g. if you have 1 GTGEA and 1 Savior, and trade 2 Faction Starters, you will get $50 + $40 in credit.

A special note about Faction Starters. There's a lot of play paraphernalia included that are part of each Faction Starter, such as Esper Decks, tokens, character cards, playmats etc. They will be traded away together with the Faction Starter.


Now, what could look badder than that? SDE Kasaro unlocked as a Special Edition Miniatures choice!

Battle Poses are next, at $600k we'll add an additional pose of Malya, Calico Kate and One Shot to their respective Relic Knight models!


I'll be honest, we never expected to hit $600k with a 6 faction skirmish game! You guys rock!

So that's additional Battle Posed One Shot, Malya and Calico Kate added to their respected Relic Knight! (For free).

Our final stretch goal.... SDE One Shot!

If we hit $630k, SDE One Shot gets unlocked as a Special Edition Miniatures choice!

Ok, off to the pub....









What... still here? The Dark Space Calamity swallows all! Scoot!

P.S. We were kidding about One Shot being the last stretch.


Less than 12 hours in and the SDE version of One Shot has been unlocked!

She's a Special Edition Miniatures choice now!

But, the reason you're reading this is......

Candy & Cola (Prismatic Relic Knight)
With the universe crumbling around them the fractured United Planetary Alliance has enlisted the aid of the dynamic duo Candy & Cola. Candy always knew she was meant for something greater and the coming of the Darkspace Calamity has provided her with just the opportunity she needs. To meet the challenge her cypher, Cola, has at last gifted her with a mighty Relic of her own. Now, soda fueled and sugar powered, Candy races through the galaxy, rallying those of courageous heart and noble deed around her. Darkspace won't know what hit it!

Candy possesses the ability, "Prismatic Champion", allowing her to lead a cadre fielding models from the factions: Order of the Shattered Sword, Cerci Speed Circuit, and Doctrine.

If we hit $680,000, Prismatic Candy unlocks as 2 Special Edition Miniature choices (i.e. she'll take up 2 slots, or $20). But fear not! Even if we don't hit the goal, she'll be available for $30 as an optional purchase.


I have to say, it has been a genuine pleasure running this Kickstarter for all you great folks on the Internets, and from the team here at Soda Pop Miniatures and CoolMiniOrNot thank you so much for your awesome support!....

Since we've got a whole 22 hours left, do you think we can hit our last stretch goal?

Harbonath the Void Reaper & Keruv (Relic Knight)
The Darkspace Calamity which has consumed galaxies and claimed countless lives has now descended upon the last galaxy. Already reality is unraveling as pure Esper seeps into the universe, its crystalline growths consuming everything. One by one stars wink out of existence as tendrils of the Void engulf and extinguish their light. Wherever the calamity is greatest Harbonath can be found. Leading the forces of destruction and disorder he scythes a path of carnage through any who oppose him. What his true goal is remains a mystery, as does his inexplicable connection to the Void. What can be assured is that where the Void Reaper treads death follows in his wake.

Harbonath the Void Reaper possesses ability, "Void Champion", allowing him to lead a cadre fielding models from the factions: Black Diamond, Noh Empire, and Star Nebula Corsairs

If we hit $750k, Void Reaper becomes available as a Special Edition Miniatures choice, counting as two choices. But fear not, even if we don't hit this goal, he'll be available as a $30 optional purchase!


Wow, that was quick! The Void Reaper is now available as a Special Edition Miniatures choice (counts as 2) or for $20!

Give us a sec... updating.


Ok Kickstarter land, in our last seven hours, so let's make this a real stretch.

Void Herald (Void Unique) Before Darkspace descends Harbonath's coming is proclaimed by the Void Herald. Shrouded in dark energy, she is as deadly as she is beautiful. Sowing the seeds of terror among the populace she ensures that when the harvest begins the Reaper will exact a brutal tally.

Cordelia (Prismatic Unique)
When the Chee Awakening occurred the majority of the Cordelia Clean units happily continued in the maid roles they had originally been purchased for. Such was not the case of service #448V97Z4. No, she had had quite enough of cleaning and was ready to pursue a life outside of the rundown manor and eight squalling children she had been forced to tend to. Fortunately she was lucky enough to encounter Candy early in her travels. Cordelia never knew that life could be so sweet.

These Uniques may be used by the appropriate colored Faction (the Prismatic colors, or the Void colors respectively).

If we hit $830k, these two amazing models will be available together for three Special Edition Choices! If we don't they'll be available each at $20.

Check out the digital sculpts of the Void Herald, and the video too!


Every faction has a number of units and models that are not part of the kickstarter. MamaroTo and Sophia Drake were included in the preview rules as a "sneak peak" of units that will be revealed when the book is launched. We need to have a few surprises in store for everyone!

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