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El Kickstarter de Relic Knights ha avanzado enormemente en las últimas horas. Se ha desbloqueado otro personaje más para el Super Dungeon Explorer, el número 0 del Manga, y la cosa sigue. Han añadido más opciones de compra, que esta bastante bien para ampliar los starter con más y diferentes miniaturas. Además de que han anunciado dos niveles más uno a los 530.000 $ donde se desbloqueara otro personaje para el Super Dungeon Explorer y a los 560.000 $ donde se nos obsequiara con 1,2 o 3 sets, depende de la donación, de contadores para el juego.


All Faction Starters (Kickstarter only) get double the elite units!

Our handy guide to everything has been updated, so you can see the oodles of models you get in each Faction Starter now!

Next up as a Special Edition miniature unlock, the SDE crossover Sebastian Cross! If we hit $480k, he can join the SDE crew as a super cute little heavy paladin!

At $500k, we'll commission a 24 page Manga, Relic Knights issue #0! Available as afree PDF download or optional hardcopy purchase for $5!

In the best tradition of issue zeros, it'll have great little origin stories, and set the pace and tone for all those crazy Relic Knight powers!

Onwards! The end is in sight!


We've put together a moderated area where you can post developer questions aboutRelic Knights, and get them voted up to get answers so we know what to prioritize!



Ok, tons of requests for these guys, which will mean of course they'll need to make it into the book (grumble... grumble...)

Here you go, one for each Faction... and a little something at the end for the real fan!

Black Dragons (3x) (Minion)
• The Black Dragons are the elite of Black Diamond’s mercenary forces. Equipped with the heaviest tactical powered armor available they excel at both defending their convoys and black ops offensives.

Noh Empire - Serpent Priestess (1) (Minion)
• The Hydra God, Nozuki, demands strict and unceasing devotion as well as a constant stream of souls to sate his eternal hunger. It is the Serpent Priestesses who ensure his will is done.

Shattered Sword - Purifiers (3x) (Minion)
• With calamity on the rise it grows increasingly difficult for the paladin orders to maintain the peace. It is the Purifiers task to secure safe havens, scouring them of any corrupting influences, and then tend to those in need.

Cerci Speed Circuit - Royal Wreckers (1) (Minion)
• When your racer gets slagged you need to be able to recover the wreckage quickly so your pit crew can get immediately to work. The Royal Wreckers excel at raceway recovery and should the occasion call for it, performing a little wrecking of their own.

(image coming)

Doctrine - Academy Guard (3x) (Minion)
• The young minds of The Doctrine’s Erudite Prefectorium for Scholarly Excellence are its most valuable resource. In this time where Esper itself is torn asunder the Doctrine will need every practitioner it can call upon. It is these grim, construct, guardian’s duty to to ensure their safety.

Star Nebula Corsairs - Blowhards (x 2) (Minion)
• Sometimes what you need to get in is an explosion. Sometimes what you need to get away is … an explosion. Blowhards take to the sappers art with relish: breaching hulls, exploding safes, and booby trapping escape routes to ensure none can follow.

Well.... this is just a cute 8" plushie of Cola, the awesome Soda Pop mascot! Available only here or at conventions!


Ready to rock out in SDE! Now available as a Special Edition choice or for $10.

Next up of course, our very first (or zeroth) Manga!



A 24 page Manga will now be made available for free download or hardcopy at $5! Get great origin stories, and learn more about the Dark Space Calamity in this great comic!

Next 2 stretch goals - SDE Kisa, and Boost Tokens!

Chibi Catgirls? Tune out now RK purists! If we hit $530k SDE Kisa will become a Special Edition Miniature choice!

Boosts are little augments you can bring along with your cadre to improve their performance! Normally represented with flat tokens put on the base of the model, if we hit $560k each Savior level pledge will receive 1 set of these great 3D Boost Tokens, (i.e. 1 at Savior, 2 at Double Savior and 3 at GTGEA) and will be available for $10 a set!

Here's a peek at the concept art:

.... and what else is in store? Perhaps... more models?

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