domingo, septiembre 02, 2012


En el Kickstarter de Relic Knights ya esta disponible el primer personaje Chibi para el Super Dungeon Explorer, para el siguiente nivel, los 400.000 se desbloquearan peanas personalizadas para TODOS los personajes. Ya queda poco vamos.

The SDE special edition version of Malya is now available as a Special Edition Choice! This version may change from the final sculpt to match well within the videogame world of SDE.

Now, a lot of loyal backers have been asking, "where's the base inserts??" when we released the GUIDE TO SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE ("GTSOTU" since we love crazy acronyms!). Well, the reason was it was hard to communicate a random pack of base inserts in the Savior set, and what if you added or traded in a Faction Starter or bought optional figs?

Our solution.....

Yes folks, every model you get on this Kickstarter will get a scenic base. No messing about trying to get optional insert packs or what not, we'll just give them to you if we hit $400k! No more generic looking bases or aftermarket parts for you!

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