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Nuevo Kickstarter en esta ocasión uno del Juez Dread lleva poco y les queda aún 29 días para finalizar. Las miniaturas estan muy interesantes.

The Judge Dredd miniatures game features a completely free to download rulebook and has been running with the support of its fans for two years now. It is a 28mm skirmish-level science fiction miniatures game based on the iconic 2000AD comic strip where players take a force or faction from Mega-City One and prepare to do battle on the streets! Full campaign rules are integrated into the game, and feature a system whereby weaker forces are never at a disadvantage – even a lowly gang of street punks can take on Judge Dredd and his cohorts if you have enough reinforcements!

You can see how the Judge Dredd miniatures game works in play and what it looks like for free, simply by downloading the rulebook from here.

We have now started work on the first supplement, Block War, which introduces more scenarios, weapons, challenges and, of course, rules for a new range of models. The Block War supplement, like the main rulebook, will be completely free to download, and always will be.

So, why do we need your help?

Well, we have a huge list of models requested by fans of the game, including everything from a Sov Invasion Force to the Dark Judges! They will all be playable in the game with rules provided in Block War but Mongoose Publishing is a small company and we can only bring out a few models at a time. However, with your kind help, we will be able to bring out models on a more regular basis and be more ambitious with them, keeping the Judge Dredd miniatures game fresh and interesting, as you will always have new enemies to fight on the tabletop!

To this end, we have a variety of pledge levels that we hope will either get you into the Judge Dredd miniatures game for the first time, or encourage you to expand your forces, along with the odd unique collector’s item.

If we manage to reach $3,000 or more, we will add a model of Walter the Wobot to all Rookie, Street Judge, Council of Judges, and Chief Judge level pledges.

Walter the Wobot Prototype

Here at Mongoose, we are really excited about the new movie, the Block War supplement and what the future holds for Judge Dredd overall. 2000AD was thew first comic I started reading when I was a kid, and it has been with me for, well, decades now! Back then I would never have guessed I would actually be working with Judge Dredd and exploring Mega-City One, and it is great to share this with fans of the comic who love the high octane action and black humour of Judge Dredd.

May your Lawgiver always fire true!

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