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Nuevo Kickstarter, esta vez de Enanos Gladiadores, a mas de un seguidor de FyD le alegrara la noticia. En principio es un Kickstarter para sacar una gama pequeña de miniaturas, aunque ya sabemos como suelen acabar estas cosas. Desde FyD los seguiremos atentamente.

Stretching Goals table #1

The story

Hi all! I'm Mick Leach from Eastern Front Studios miniatures. I am always in search of ideas for new series of miniatures for my company and when an Italian friend of mine, Alessio Cisbani, shown me his Dwarf Gladiators sketches I was immediately captured by his project...
How all started...

The Alessio's basic idea was to build up a new team for Fantasy Football. He noticed there wasn't a team of dwarf gladiators around so he started to work on it drawing some sketches. He based his work on historical sources: armors, and weapons are from ancient mosaics, sculptures and archeological finds. Of course the Fantasy part wasn't ignored: some figures (for example the Retiarius) are inspired by existing miniatures for Fantasy Football, so the player can easily recognize the role of the miniature in the game. You can see the drawings here below, they are now part of the boxed set:

Box set content

By my side i developed the Alessio's idea pointing to make these miniature suitable for a skirmish game and not only for Fantasy Football. So I ask Alessio to draw other concepts much more related to the fantasy world i had in mind: a world where Dwarves are in slavery and are forced to combat in the arenas as gladiators. A ruthless world where they have to fight for their life against the hardest opponents, like Orcs, Trolls, Minotaurs, Battle beasts and so on. Little by little the story grew up and became a real big project.

One of the huge opponents of the Dwarves

So what's now?

It's obvious. I'm here to ask for your help to make this project growing. We're at the moment producing the first line of 5 miniatures that will be produced in any case. Our fans on Facebook had the chance to see the first two pieces of these, sculpted by Alessio himself and they found them amazing. I hope you'll like them too:

Exclusive stuff!

Pledgers are not ordinary people for us. They're our patrons and benefactors, so they deserve more than simple stuff, they deserveEXCLUSIVE stuff, made ONLY for them. That's why we'll create a cool T-SHIRT and that's why we sculpted an exclusive miniature.. both will be only available for Pledgers:

The exclusive miniature made for the Kickstarter pledgers!

What's next?

But this is only the beginning: what we have in mind is to create severalGladiator Houses, composed by different races, not oly dwarves (Elves,Goblins and Chaos Dwarves will be the firsts). We'll also create a brand new ruleset manual for skirmish combat and, of course, for arena fights.
Let me see the concepts!

On this page you can see the concepts of the miniatures which will be released as reward for your help. Also, here at the bottom you'll find theStretching Goals List we sat up. We stopped at 40000 but who knows? it's up to you to make the list longer... and the number of miniature you'll receive for free even bigger...

Well, I think it's all for the moment, but stay tuned for upcoming news...

We're in the arena, awaiting for your decision. Life or Death for the Gladiators?
Perk levels:

for $6
for $8

Limited Perk levels:

These levels are limited (check out the list on the right to see how many of them are still available)

All the miniatures will be painted by the multi Golden Demon winner Alessio "Wolfbane" Cisbani!


The part you'll love for sure: FREE miniatures for you! For each Stretching Goal reached will give you one (or more!) free figure depending on your level of perk as indicated below. For example, if your pledge is $50 and our goal will reach $3000 you'll have the Gladiatrix for free!
Please note that the amount is not linked to the pledge levels, you have only to reach the amount. So if you'll reach, let's say, $50 for example little by little with more pledges you'll obtain also the indicated Stretching Goals miniatures as reward for that sum, of course when the Stretching Goal will be attained.

$1500: alternate heads + hands + weapons, accessories&shields (from $35) GOAL ATTAINED!

$2000: Doctor OR Dymacherius (from $50) (if you want both miniatures or +1 miniature add $6) GOAL ATTAINED!

$3000: Gladiatrix #1 (from $50) ( if you want 1 more Gladiatrix add $6)

$5000: Hoplomachus OR Crupellarius (from $75) (if you want both miniatures or +1 miniature add $6, if you want 1 more add $6)

$10000: Gladiatrix #2 + battle bear (from $75) (if you want 1 more Gladiatrix add $6, 1 more bear add $10)

$15000: Orc arena champion + tiger familiar (from $95) (if you want 1 more orc add $9, 1 more panther add $9)

$17500: 1 Eques (Dwarf bear cavalry) (from $95) (if you want 1 more add $15)

$20000: Golem Gladiator (from$125) (if you want 1 more add $18) and RULESET (downloadable for FREE for all the funders!)

$25000: Big Minotaur & chaos dwarf master (from $125) (if you want 1 more add $25)

$30000: Trireme warmachine (Deathroller) OR Essediarius (chariot with bears) (from $140) (if you want 1 more add $30, if you want both miniatures add $30)

$40000: Slave giant Troll + 3 goblin slavers (from $140) (if you want 1 more add $30)

Size comparison

some of you ask for a size comparison with miniatures of other brands. here's a pic with two dwarves from GW and Mantic. The central image is theArbiter, you'll see it finished with the next update!

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are more then confident in our ability to produce the miniatures having worked with three other previous ran or currently running projects:
Low Life Miniatures with Andy Hopp:

Fallen City of Karez Boardgame with GoldenEgg:…

The Bleeding Hollow for TPK Games:

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