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A falta de diez días ya se alcanzó la meta para los robots, de los cuales han publicado más diseños, y además anuncian para el Kickstarter como modelo único y exclusivo al Coach Renton. Esto se está poniendo cada ves más interesante.


And Robots have been fully funded!

We agree, Draft 1 is pretty cool. There's still work to be done, but it's on the right track. Wheels?

That's now 1 Robot figure free to Jack, 2 Robot Figures free to Striker and a whole team added to the Season 2 Buy One Get One Free meaning you can now get 4 Season 2 teams for just $50! (and that means we'd better get started on updating those graphics on the front page again!)

Right then, let's see who is next...

$340,000 – DBR-7 Prototype, Robot MVP

DBR-7 is a cybernetic MVP and one-of-a-kind prototype keeper. Unlike other robots in the league he cannot transform and has instead risen above the usual robotic spectacle and into the ranks of the celebrity with his point-saving heroics. Crowds erupt into cheers when this bot steps out onto the pitch and his veiled operators always make sure to address them with a signature gloved salute.

If we hit this goal we will be able to fund the hulking robot known as DBR-7 and will include him free at Jack and Striker!

He's a big lad. Alternate concept art - got a favourite?

We'd love to have a nickname for DBR-7 as well, so if you've got a suggestion, please drop it in the comments!


A warm welcome to all of our new backers and thank you to everyone who has supported us – yesterday was our biggest day so far!

Not only that but DBR-7, and we love the nickname "Firewall." has been funded thanks to your efforts and is now included free in Jack and Striker!

DBR-7 "Firewall"

Right then – it is milestone time…

$354,999 – Coach Renton

Earlier this year we started a Kickstarter for Kings of War, our fantasy miniatures wargame - 1568 backers and $354,998 later and it was an overwhelming success!

When we saw that there was a lot of love for the Coach Renton concept after feedback from the coaches, it only seemed right that if beat the Kings of War goal, we’d mark the occasion by sculpting him as a limited edition Kickstarter model and include one in your pledge to say thanks.

Even though his team was recently beaten by a different Ronald(o), Coach Renton is famed for his flamboyant style, post-match rants and signature dance moves whenever a Strike is made and big points are earned.

If you help us beat the Kings of War Kickstarter Total, we will include a limited editionCoach Renton figure in pledges of Jack and Striker! to thank you for all of your support!

We are building to a massive finish and can't wait to see what happens over the next couple of days. Thanks again! (and yes, we are busy scribbling new drawings!)

PS: If you want to see yourself sculpted as a figure and be immortalised on the cover of the Season 2 Rulebook (which will be available as a hard copy add-on soon, then check out our Man of the Match pledge level!

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