lunes, septiembre 17, 2012


Mantic Games ha vuelto a pasar otro limite más en su Kcickstarter y ya han superado los 250.000 $ aun quedan 13 días para que finalice y siguen sacando mas cosas. En esta ocasión más material para la segunda temporada de Dread Ball, que entre las novedades trae a los entrenadores. Prestad especial atención al Maestro Splinter de las Tortugas Ninja y a Charles Xavier de los X-Men y sin olvidar a la mascota Orcy y a una versión anciana de Cable de X-Men.

Además han publicado un boceto muy interesante de los The Z’zor una raza insectoide con muy buena pinta.

This is incredible - a quarter of a million bucks hit and a massive influx of models into your rewards!

We’ve now added:

1) the unlocked Season 2 teams to the list you can choose from in Guard ($30) + a free MVP in each!

Choose from: Trontek 29ers (Lucky Logan), Greenmoon Smackers (Slippery Joe), Midgard Delvers (Gorim Ironstone), Skittersneak Stealers (Reek Rolat), Female Corporation (Wildcard) and the Judwan (Mee-kel Judwan)!

2) 8 new players to Keeper – totaling 14 Corporation and 14 Marauders – to complete your team roster, plus a decal sheet.

3) 9 new players to Jack - totaling 14 Corporation and 14 Marauders – to complete your team roster, plus a decal sheet and a Female Corporation Player.

4) 12 new players to Striker – totaling 14 Corporation, 14 Marauders, 14 Veer-myn and 14 Forge Fathers, plus a decal sheet.

Right then, let’s talk more Season 2…

$265,000 – The Z’zor, Season 2 Insectoid Team

Early Concept Art – got an opinion? Drop it in the comments!

If we hit this goal we will produce the Z’zor team – a furious alien insectoid race. With all three player types available, a different bug performs a different role – from hulking four legged Guards to nimble Strikers. If we hit this goal we will:

1) Add 1 Z’zor Player to Jack

2) Add 2 Z’zor Players to Striker!

3) Add the Z’zor team to our list of our Season 2 Buy One Get Free Teams!

$272,500 – Coaches
Behind every great team is a great coach, and in the Season 2 rules you’ll be able to bring these individuals to the game.

If we hit this goal we will sculpt four Coaches to lead the Season 1 teams, and we'll create a bundle - buy 2, get 2 free for $15, meaning you’ll get all four different coaches in one fell swoop!

Yup – Orcy and his hammer (he must have snuck it into the arena...) have made it to DreadBall too!

Coaches for the Season 2 teams will come once we’ve got all of the teams unlocked!

There's more still to come including the Z'zor MVP, that silhouette and Robots - seriously cool Robots!

Right then - we're going to get busy updating all of the graphics on the front page. Enjoy and let's see how quickly we can break these goals down!

With the prospect of new Coaches models on the horizon, we’ve taken this opportunity to update our Free Agent reward level. Instead of being able to get involved in the creation of an MVP, we will instead add your likeness to a Coach model, sculpting him to look like you, kinda like this:

Coach Renton – Free Agent Concept Art. This could be you!!

See the resemblance to anyone? Well, this could be you with a pledge of Free Agent!

If you would like more details about our Free Agent or Man of the Match levels then please get in touch!

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