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En esta actualización presentan el terreno de juego en acrílico, el sustituto perfecto para el caron jeje. Se ve muy bien.

First up - the DreadBall Website is now live! Packed full of rich content, detailed background, never before seen shots and more than one snippet of news, head on over and explore!

Right, you’ve asked for them… so here they are!

Today we’ve launched a whole brand new range of add-ons to really sweeten your pledge, starting with this bad boy…
DreadBall Hex-Board

This top-of-the-range premium acrylic Hex-Board also includes a twin-pack of colored acrylic Strike Zones (worth $30) and is detailed with an intricate hex grid, ref starting mark and sub entry arrows.

It also splits into three parts so it can be easily stored in your carry bag when you take it to your local league!

To add one of these boards or any one of our other to your pledge simply increase your pledge by the appropriate amount. At the end of the Kickstarter we will send out a survey where you can select how many of each extra you want!

Customize your pitch
Alongside side some really cool goodies – like your own specially designed MVP – you can get a customized acrylic Hex Board in a color of your choice, custom etched to include your name, team name or stadium name (whatever you want really!) across the center strip, with any pledge of Man of the Match, Free Agent or Most Valuable Player– check out the full list of contents on the main page!
MDF Hex Board

Uncoloured and made in thick MDF, this is a pitch for all hobbyists and can be painted to suit any theme!

 Want to play on an ice world? Paint it white. Want to play in a steel arena? You know what to do!

This board has removeable MDF Strike Zone inserts, an etched Hex grid and splits into three for easy storage. The MDF Strike Zone inserts can also be upgraded to Acrylic (See Below).
Individual MVPs!

We’ve now added Reek Rolat, Gorim Ironstone and Wildcard to the list of Add-ons!

Please add $5 shipping if you only intend to purchase one MVP and are not adding it to a reward of Guard ($30) or higher.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got:

- DreadBall Paint Set – get 10 Colors and 3 Brushes!

- DreadBall Trophy Pack – 3 miniature trophies to mark your league win in style!

- DreadBall Acrylic Counters – 13 colored Counters!

- DreadBall Acrylic Strike Hexes – Upgrade your MDF Strike Zones to Acrylic with this 3 pack. Choose either Home (Blue) or Visitors (Red).

Thanks again for your support! Please keep spreading the word.

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