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Un Kickstarter más que interesante The Art of Brom, un libro de ilustraciones que tiene muy buena pinta. A este Kickstarter le quedan aun 30 días para finalizar y ya ván por los 138,307 $ de recaudación.

The Art of Brom "Publisher Edition" Fantasy Cover and "Deluxe Edition" Cover

Book Details. What lurks inside?

Brom has collected together the very best of his art spanning his 30 year career. Many pieces have never before been published. He's included a rare glimpse into his studio, and an in-depth showcase exploring his creative process, including sketches and preliminaries. Brom has written an insightful autobiography sharing his artistic journey from his earliest childhood drawings, his frustrations with commercial art, challenges breaking into the industry, to his years working in games and film, and insights into his latest personal works.

This book will be 9 x 12 inches and encompass 208 pages (trade edition), 224 pages (publisher edition) and 225 pages (deluxe edition). The "Publisher" and "Deluxe" editions will only be available direct from the publisher and artist. We have a fantasy cover and nude cover to choose from for the "Publisher" edition. Depending on your pledge amount there is a sketchbook, giclee print and even an opportunity to have your portrait done as a zombie by Brom that will go in the book!

The Art of Brom "Publisher Edition" Nude Cover

Bonus for Book Purchase Pledges:
Everyone who makes a book purchase pledge ($47.00 or more) will receive an 8 x 10 inch print signed by Brom and will be listed in a special Kickstarter acknowledgments section in the book!

Bonus Update [8/25]
Due to the overwhelming support we have added a second 8 x 10 inch signed print to all book purchase pledges in the amount of $47.00 or more!

Bonus Signed Prints and Portfolio Stretch Goal [8/28]
We are pleased to announce our first stretch goal! If the top goal is met all five signed prints will be packaged into a unique portfolio exclusive to our Kickstarter supporters who have made a book pledge of $47.00 or more. Two signed prints have already been unlocked, and the next three will be revealed as we hit the goals listed below. And there's more to come! We will be announcing yet another bonus and stretch goal very soon.

Bonus Update: Signed Mystery Print #3 Unlocked [8/30]
Thanks to everyone for hitting our latest stretch goal! We have unlocked our signed mystery print #3. All book pledges of $47.00 or more will now include three signed prints!

Bonus Update: Signed Mystery Print #4 Unlocked [9/1]
Thanks to your continued support we have reached our latest stretch goal! We have unlocked our signed mystery print #4. All book pledges of $47.00 or more will now include four signed prints!

Update for "Artist Combination Package"
We realized we left out the dimensions for the giclee print that comes with this package. It will be 12 x 16 inches.

This book will ship to Kickstarter supporters in June 2013. All Kickstarter patrons will get their books 3-4 weeks before the trade edition hits the stores in early August. And again, the Publisher and Deluxe editions will not be available through the stores—just from us!

All pledge amounts include USPS Media Mail shipping within the U.S. Shipping for International orders needs to be entered manually. Please add $34.00 for orders from Canada and $48.00 for all other International orders. (The actual shipping costs are a little higher but we've decided to pitch in and help to keep the costs lower.) International orders ship by USPS Priority Mail. This is the most affordable option available. Taxes and fees vary by country. Please be aware International orders may be required to pay a duty tax by your local postal station.
The Art of Brom "Trade Edition" Cover

Artist, Brom, and Flesk publisher, John Fleskes, share their thoughts:
“What I'm most excited about is the opportunity to put together this art book the way I like art books to be put together: large images and plenty of close ups to see the brush work,” shares Brom. “I'm also thrilled that the advances in printing and scanning technology will allow me to present my work at its very best. To this I've rescanned and personally color corrected all the artwork (including previously published images) to bring the paintings to life as close to the originals as possible -- 400 dpi files and the finest dot screens on the highest quality papers to assure the clearest, cleanest reproductions.”

John Fleskes adds: “Having the opportunity to work closely with Brom will ensure the colors and tones properly reflect how he wants his artwork to be shown. We are combining his artistic abilities with my ten years of publishing experience to create a book that serves as a work of art in itself. It’s very exciting to be involved in a project such as this: one that will challenge us both, and one that must meet our combined criteria for excellence."

Sample Brom Art Included in "The Art of Brom"

Brom’s thoughts on Flesk Publications:
“Publishing is not the easiest way to make a living in this day and age, you have to love books. John Fleskes loves books, loves publishing -- giving up a stable career to pursue this passion. I admire that. I also admire that he only publishes books that he would wish to buy, only artists whose work he admires. Publishing is a very personal matter with him and it shows in his attention to detail, his dedication to bringing the highest production values possible to every book. John promotes the arts through quality collections. I feel very fortunate to be working with him on my book.”

John Fleskes’ thoughts on Brom:
“Brom's art is in a constant stage of evolution. In his early work his subjects tended to exemplify strength and power. Brom’s recent work draws more from the pre-Raphaelite vein—darkly romantic and classical. In “The Art of Brom,” we focus not on a single viewpoint, but encompass the growth of a career; the ongoing evolution of an artist. Furthermore, Brom the person is a delight. Even though he categorizes himself as a "dark" artist, he is far from dark in person. He has a passion for life and is fun to work with.”

Why Kickstarter?
“Kickstarter is a wonderful way to have a personal connection with those supporting my work," says Brom. "As well as a chance to offer an array of unique personalized items that won't be available in stores. On a more personal note, it's a heck of a fun platform to promote on."

“I couldn’t agree more,” adds John. “Kickstarter is an exciting way to get back to my roots of being a fan, the very thing that pushed me to get started publishing, and build a connection with other like-minded people and reward them with bonus material for supporting us early on. Brom and I are basically looking to reward the fans and give them a stunning book--the very thing we would want for ourselves.”

A final message from Brom:
“Most importantly, regardless of whether you contribute to this project or not, I would like to take this opportunity to thank any and all of you that have enjoyed and shared my work over the years. Painting can be very solitary endeavor at times and I am continually moved to discover that my work touches others. I would also like to say I am forever grateful to be able to pursue my muse for a living -- something I could not do without your support. Again, thank you."

Sample Brom Art Included in "The Art of Brom." This book will house an assortment of Brom's art covering his entire career.

Sample Brom Art Included in "The Art of Brom"

For more samples of Brom's artwork, please visit www.bromart.com

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