viernes, agosto 24, 2012


Warlord Games ha anunciado a través de su Facebook el carruaje real del rey babilónico y los arqueros.

A suitably regal centrepiece for your Babylonian army, this four horse chariot carried the Babylonian king, and his retainers, into battle.

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buy now in store

Archers were the mainstay of the armies of Mesopotamia. These archers are from Babylon, or one of the surrounding cities. They wear the dress typical of that area and are equipped with large Akkadian bows, they do not carry had weapons as they would not be expected to fight at close quarters.

These can also be used as urbanised Chaldeans, who over time left their nomadic lifestyle behind and moved into the surrounding civilized areas. These can also be used in Assyrian armies as levies, or even in Achaemenid Persian armies.

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