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Wyrd Games publica en su Facebook algunos datos más sobre las nuevas miniaturas de Malifaux las que ya publicamos algunas imágenes con anterioridad.

Misaki Jackob Lynch, Mei Feng, Yano Lo, Lucas McCabe son algunos de los nuevos nombres que llevan sonando en Malifaux desde hace un tiempo, aquí nos ponen un poco de trasfondo y cual es su manera de proceder en combate.

Detalle gracioso las caricaturas que presentan a cada uno de los personajes.

So who are the Ten Thunders Masters, and how do they play?

Honor-bound Misaki Katanaka, Mistress of the Ten Thunders, leads her Brothers and Sisters in her father’s name, waiting for the time when she will ascend as Oyabun of the Katanaka Clan.

Misaki is a scalpel with which to slice out the heart of your opponent's crew. She can stalk her prey and then leap into the fray, taking out key models with surgical precision. Her crew are made up of models that help her in this task. The Torakage can cover her advance with smoke bombs and subterfuge. Yamaziko can give her the focus she needs not to harm herself in the pursuit of her target. Shang can make sure luck is on her side. Ototo, well Ototo just really hits things.

Conniving Jakob Lynch is caught between two dangerous masters, playing both sides against the middle in a game that can have only one outcome.

Jakob Lynch is a support master, able to manipulate fate and stack your hand. His totem is the heavy hitter of the pair, and some would argue the thing in charge. The Hungering Darkness not only can do damage but he can infect models with the Brilliance which it then uses to control and manipulate them. The Hungering Darkness has a parasitic relationship with the rest of its crew using them to keep itself fed with Brilliance.

Ambitious Mei Feng uses her mastery of metal and fire elemental magic to insinuate herself into the Miners and Steamfitters Union, drawing the attention of Viktor Ramos and his Arcanists.

Mei Feng is a melee caster, She excels at fighting multiple opponents, being able to dart into combat using her own constructs as stepping stones, once engaged she can move from opponent to opponent laying down damage and burning tokens. Mei Feng can combo her spells and strikes together into chains, which though card intensive allow her to pull off some impressive feats.

Below is a small cheat card I've made to help you keep track of your combos.

Mysterious Yan Lo is a man trapped between life and death, pursuing his curse across the Breach, his service to the Ten Thunders in Malifaux providing him more clues to ending end his centuries-old plight.

Yan Lo seeks spiritual energy to give him the power to break his curse, he collects this energy from those that die around him, each death moving him one step towards his goal and providing him with new powers. He is assisted in his quest by the ancestors of the Katanaka clan. When these ancestors' physical form are destroyed their souls return to him, granting him abilities. He may also re-knit the flesh of the fallen to make these souls new bodies and return them to the field of battle.

Arrogant Lucas McCabe and his gang of black sheep loot the relics of Old Malifaux for his employer, the Governor General, while supplying intelligence and the choicest items to his true masters, the Ten Thunders.

McCabe rides into battle on his trusty steed with his choice of the best relics he can get his hands on. Thus allowing you to customize him to task at hand. He can scout the battlefield due to his mobility immobilizing the enemy with his Netgun. When dismounted, he is very capable of taking care of himself in melee, and even when the situation is most desperate he finds a way to succeed against the odds.

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