viernes, agosto 10, 2012


Los chicos de Soda Pop Miniatures dan la oportunidad en dos de sus niveles en los que dan más de 1 reglamento y varios starters una genial alternativa.

So, you've pledged, or are thinking about pledging, Double Savior or Gotta Catch Em All which come with 2 or 3 hardback rulebooks respectively.

You're a massive fan, obsessive collector or both so none of these extra factions are going to friends (mine.... all mine!!). You only need one rulebook. The other(s) is destined to be unloved and unwanted... sob...

Fear not! After the Kickstarter ends, we'll give you the opportunity to swap out any extra rulebooks at a value of $35 per book for something else you'd rather have.

Also, individual Faction Starters will be available at $50 per Faction Starter (inclusive of any Faction specific stretch goals hit, if any), for pledge levels of Savior or better. Great if you only want 3 or 5 Factions. You strange person.

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