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Sexta y ultima facción desvelada en esta actualización de Kickstarter al llegar a la recaudación de 100.000 $. Impresionante el éxito que están cosechando algunas empresas con los Kickstarter. Quedan aún 31 días para que termine y va viento en popa.

Less than 3 days in and Relic Knights is shaping up to be a rocking title!

With the Star Corsairs joining the fray, you now have your pick of any of the six starting Factions when you back our Kickstarter!

 Miniatures of the concepts above are what you will receive in the Star Nebula Corsairs Faction Starter. Final sculpts may vary in pose and details.

Striking without warning, these space born privateers are matchless in their cunning and lust for riches. Led by the indomitable Calico Kate, the fleets of the Star Nebula are a terror to the UPA’s shipping lanes. But the coming Darkspace, though stirring up great profits for the daring space pirates, will force every living soul to make a powerful choice, continue to hurtle into the abyss, or gather courage to fight back against its relentless advance.

What you get in the Star Nebula Corsairs Faction Starter:
Relic Knight (Calico Kate),
Cypher (Skully),
1 Minion (Breaching Gun),
3x Minions (Corsair Crew),
Quick Start Rules,
Esper Deck,
Tracker Cards,
Data Cards,

And of course, not forgetting the outcasts of genteel galactic society...

Eschewed by much of normal space, the general populous cannot differentiate different clans of Noh. Kenobo, wanders the galaxy as a sell sword with his remarkable skills, forever haunted by the fate of his people, vowing revenge on Kasaro To, and the cult of Nozuki. Kate’s hired hands also extend into practitioners of the Doctrine. Squall is just such a rogue, plying her mage’s trade for the highest bidder.

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