jueves, agosto 09, 2012


Cuarta actualizacón de este Kickstarter que va a velocidad de vertigo, los Cerci  Speed Circuit. Si te gusta el rosa, esta es tu banda.

There's a lot of Relic Knight love apparently, so here's the next unlock!

Miniatures of the concepts above are what you will receive in the Cerci Speed Circuit Faction Starter. Final sculpts may vary in pose and details.

A world built for pleasure can house a world of dangers. The fast lifestyle of its racers, gamblers, and gangsters are famous the galaxy over. Resourceful, and tingling with the need for speed and excitement, the young and brash racers of the Cerci Speed Circuit will learn soon enough what fate has in store for them!

What you get in the Cerci Speed Circuit Faction Starter:
Relic Knight (Princess Malya),
Cypher (Mr Tomn),
1 Minion (PACE robot),
2 Minions (Hell’s Belles),
Quick Start Rules,
Esper Deck,
Tracker Cards,
Data Cards,

And not forgetting the indomitable...

Every successful racer in the circuit can rely on a great pit boss to manage all the fixin’ that need be done. Betty and her companion Lug are just such a pair. Betty has had a pretty good run as chief mechanic for many racers, as it is normally the mechanic that disappears if things don’t go well on Cerci, her pal Lug has seen to it that her clients mind their manners. 

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