viernes, agosto 31, 2012


Para la siguiente meta se desbloqueara la opción a un personaje chibi de Relic Knights para usarlo en Super Dungeon Explorer. Además en esta entada encontrareis un enlace al foro de Relic Knights donde os podéis bajar las reglas y cartas para probar el juego.

Presenting Relic Knight - Super Dungeon Explore Avatars
Saving the universe is hard work and after long day nothing is more relaxing for a Relic Knight than playing the system's most popular video game, Super Dungeon Explore. Now you can guide them on their quest by getting your favorite Relic Knights in the "chibi" avatar form they inhabit when playing the game. These are fantastic models to collect and paint for any Relic Knights fan, but will also come with their own unique Hero cards allowing you to use them in your games of Super Dungeon Explore!

We've cross-overed into cross-over territory with our next stretch! If we hit $380k, the first of our SDE cross over special edition figures unlocks! Available as a Special Edition choice, or for $10!

Also, our big infographic of everything has been updated, and yes the base inserts are still going to be included, we're just waiting for nice art.

Finally, draft rules have been posted in the current state here:, and we invite you to leave feedback or questions at the Soda Pop forums here:

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