jueves, agosto 30, 2012


No hace muchas horas desde que se desbloqueo la anterior meta y ya van a por los 350.000 $. En esta ocasión serán cosas exclusivas del Kickstarter y se tendrán que comprar aparte en el tiempo que dure. No estarán disponibles en tiendas.

Cosplay Isabeau is now available as one of the Special Edition choices at Savior, Double Savior, and Got to Get Em All! Or for $10, if you're over your SE allowance.

Next up, EX PLUS.

The optional Faction packs were looking a little lonely, so if we hit $350k each one will get boosted with either extra minions or even unique characters (Kickstarter only freebies, they'll retail seperately)!

Let's see what each has in store...

Black Diamond - Breaker Team. Because you can always use more heavy weapons.

Noh - 2 more Agha! Complete your pack of Devil Hounds!

Shattered Sword - Navarre Hauser - A named Paragon elite character!

Doctrine - Novitiate Prefects! Someone's gotta enforce school rules...

Cerci Speed Circuit - 2 x Pit Crew. Those bikes won't fix themselves...

Star Nebula Corsairs - Moffett. She may look fancy, but don't get on the wrong end of her rapier!

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  1. Me gusta mucho el cosplay de Isabeau, ahora que a estas alturas creo que con el dinero recaudado podrian enrollarse y meter algo mas en el Kickstarter (aunque fuese una parida)


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