jueves, agosto 23, 2012


Quedan aún 17 días para que finalice este Kickstarter, y Relic Knights viene con fuerza desde la Gen Con 2012. Ya han superado los 220.000 $ y completado otro panel de actualizaciones. En este caso se han ampliado todo los starter sets con más miniaturas y han anunciado dos ampliaciones mas una a los 260,000 $ y otra a los 300,000 $.

It looks like every Faction Starter (Kickstarter only) gets an extra set of minions!

Black Diamond - Mercs x5 extra 
The rough and ready mercs of the Black Diamond are equipped with high caliber burst rifles, and personal shielding. Endless drilling has each Black Diamond squad working closely together in coordinated units, laying down withering torrents of fire. 

Noh Empire - Berzerker x2 extra 
Having fully embraced the bloodied aspect of their terrible god, the Noh Kyojin are berserk furies when cut loose on the battlefield. 

Shattered Sword - Sword Sworn x5 extra 
Each paladin follows a path, from the early days of initiation, to the day they are inducted into their order’s many military or logistical branches. The sword sworn receive training in weapons and tactics, and form the backbone of the Paladin’s forces in the field.

Doctrine - Novitiates x3 extra 
Working in teams, and under the tutelage of their professors, the Doctrine’s novitiates are valuable aids on their exploratory missions. Combining even the most basic powers, the novitiates can focus Esperic blasts that can tear apart their foes despite their youthful appearances. 

Cerci Speed Circuit - Hell’s Belles x3 extra 
The speed addicted gangers of the Helle’s Belles are swift, beautiful, and deadly. Masters at their craft, they navigate the underworlds networks and information brokers as well as they navigate the high speed racing tracks.

Star Nebula Corsairs - Boarding Party x5 extra 
What drives a person to piracy is as manifold as the pirates themselves. Deserters, mercenaries, or adventure seekers, whatever the reason, when they come cutting through the hull of your luxury yacht, be ready to surrender the booty. 

Next stretch.... Cosplay Fiametta!

Whatever power she calls on, she is always dressed for the job. Fiametta has always fancied the flutter of a uniform bedecked in pleats and ribbon. If we hit $240k, Cosplay Fiametta becomes a limited edition miniature choice, or available for $10!

Also, check out the Relic Knights Kickstarter page to get a sneak peek of Boost 2!

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