lunes, agosto 20, 2012


20 días aún para que acabe este kickstarter, y ya se consiguió desbloquear a Cosplay Rin, ahora van por las planchas decorativas de las bases. 

Next stretch.... Base Insert Bonus Pack!

These decorative inserts are a great way to spice up your collection of Relic Knight miniatures with fantastic themed plastic bases. These bases feature clusters of "Esper crystals" on a sleek sci-fi spaceship decking texture. Each set comes with 1x 80mm, 1x 50mm, 2x 40mm, and 5x 30mm base inserts. As the darkspace grows, the tides of Esper begins to seep into the universe taking physical form. Places of particular concentration of this energy sometime show in the form of clusters of radiant crystals, seemingly able to jut out of any surface, these beautiful glowing growths are only harbingers of destruction, as they magnify and grow, tendrils of Darkspace are surely barreling toward their locus at unimaginable speed.

Ok our concept guy is still working these but we'll get pics of these shortly. One set will be added to each Savior set (i.e Double Savior and GTGEA will have 2 and 3 respectively). So you'll have plenty of fancy stuff to fight over!

Also stay turned for an update on Boosts Levels 1, 2 and EX! Roll on more free stuff!

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