jueves, agosto 30, 2012


Nueva meta superada del Kickstarter de Mantic Games. Aún quedan 31 días que recorrer. Para las siguientes metas la de 110.000 $ ampliaran los equipos de la caja básica a 2 miniaturas por equipo, y a los 125.000 $ producirán a John Doe, un extraño extraterrestre con tentáculos que jugará con cualquier equipo menos con los Marauders.

Me encanta el diseño de John Doe y espero que cale bajo la comunidad y veamos más razas de este estilo para el mundo de Warpath.

If you’re in for Jack or Striker! you’ll get the lovely lady herself included in your pledge, whilst also getting a special edition Kickstarter Acrylic Counter Set and a ticket to a DreadBall event in Striker!

Thank you so much for helping us achieve this monumental milestone, we couldn’t have done it without you. The speed with which we’ve hit this has been immense, thank you again.

So, let’s see what else we can give you… here's two stretches for you!

$110,000 – Expand your teams!
You get four teams of 10 players in Striker! and, with the addition of Wildcard, 5 MVPS - but we want to give you more!

If we pass through this stretch goal, we will include an additional four players intoStriker! – two Corporation and two Marauders!

You can have up to six players on the pitch (legally, anyway) but you can have 14 players in your team – and this will boost the Corporation and Marauders to 12 players, not including the MVPs you've got!

But that's not all...

$125,000 – John Doe, MVP
If we pass through this stretch goal, we will produce John Doe – an alien MVP that can play for all of the teams (except the Marauders, no one knows why he refuses to play for them):

John Doe - Of course that’s not his real name. His real name takes three minutes to say and major surgery to pronounce. Unlike some of his more mysterious fellow MVPs, John Doe is happy to discuss his history and origins; it’s just that few people can understand.

Not surprisingly, his armour is custom made and cannot enclose him as neatly as it would a more conventionally shaped player. Digby has allowed him some leeway with the uniform rules on account of his unusual physique – a ruling which created a storm of protest and cries of favouritism from the Coaches, but which the fans were very happy about. Incidentally, this was the ruling that opened the door for many of the other alien players you now see in the leagues, as prior to this they were banned not for their alien nature per se, but because they couldn’t fit neatly into DreadBall armour.

Help us produce John Doe and we will include him into Jack and Striker! (and don’t forget you’ll get multiples of the rewards in Cheerleader, Showboater and League Sponsor!)


PS: There’s now one Team Colours Revisited left – get your copy of DreadBall and all of the Striker! rewards painted by Golem Painting Studio with this awesome package!

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