viernes, agosto 24, 2012


A los dos horas de iniciar el Kickstarter y una caída de los servidores de la gestión del pago, han conseguido alcanzar los 20.000 $ que se han propuesto. Ahora ofrecer una mejora, no solo para el Kickstarter si no para todas las futuras cajas de DreadBall.

We normally have a policy about not writing in capital letters – we don’t normally do it.

But just this once…

We cannot thank you enough – truly this has been exceptional.

Two hours after pressing the tantalizing “Launch” button in the Kickstarter Dashboard we’ve hit our funding goal, and it’s all down to your support – thank you so much.

All of the DreadBall rewards are go, the project is on, and away we go with giving you guys even more stuff!

We think what you get with DreadBall is the most gorgeous stuff we’ve ever done, and we want to give you more. So, we’ve a number of stretch goals to do that, starting with this beauty!

$40,000 – The Ref
This is the Referee and she is one mean mamma. With eyes literally in the back of her head she watches out for fouls, and players take it in turns to move her a random number of hexes based on the card they draw from the pack.

She’s a real beauty of a figure and if we pass through this goal, we’ll add the Ref to every copy of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game, ever (yes that means even non-Kickstarter sets!)

Thanks again for your support and for joining us on this crazy journey. Please keep spreading the word and let's see where we end up.

2 comentarios:

  1. En serio, que tienen todas las marcas en lo que llevamos de verano en hacer crowdfunding, esto es la ruina jajaja.

    1. y lo peor es que nos encanta todo un subidon seguir las actualizaciones.


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