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Para continuar la entrada del relato de los Liberi, Alien Dungeon ha puesto a través de su Facebook este escenario para los Liberi, la cacería Eun.

The Eun

Actually aren’t herbivores but omnivores and feed not just on the grasses but also on the billions of grass hoppers, ticks, and other insects that inhabit the Swarth.  The Eun are huge flightless birds that run about on two powerful legs. They can weigh up to two tons as adults and are very fast. Only the Liberi are faster and not by much. Traveling in massive herds of ten thousand or more, they are the primary food source for not just the Liberi but many creatures that inhabit the Swarth, fly above it, or burrow underneath the grassland.

To the Liberi the Eun herds are everything and are so abundant that they make the Swarth the paradise the Liberi consider it. The Secret word the Liberi use for the Swarth is Eropkotae Gornosti, or translated, Happy Hunting Ground.


The Activation Deck:

Liberi Centaurs

Stickers Unit (4-6 models)
Shootist Unit (4 models)
Crusher Unit (4 models)

Unit 1 (4 models on single base)
Unit 2 (4 models on single base)
Unit 3 (4 models on single base)
Event Deck:

A Real Shaker
Dropping Storm
Time Slip
Constrictor Hatchling Ambush (New – see below)

The recommended board size is 4’ x 4’.  The terrain can be arranged in any manner agreed upon between you and your opponent.  A sample layout is below:

Roll a d10 and the player with the highest roll gets to set up their models along a table edge of their choice. The other player sets up on the opposite table edge.


The Liberi are hunting the Eun for food and materials. A small group of them have been isolated for the Liberi to make short work of them.  Of course the Eun are not a fan of this and are trying to escape across the board to the safety of their flock.

The Eun player wins the scenario if it gets at least two Eun unit off the table on the opposite table edge from where they started.  The Liberi player wins if it kills the Eun or prevents the Eun from escaping by the last turn of the game.

EUN (Each base of 4 models has this profile)

Give              Take           Soul      Agility             Spirit           Sanity
  4                    4                 3               9                     2                  3

Special Event Card – Constrictor Hatchling Ambush
The Swarth is home to many terrifying creatures that live both above and below the land.  The mighty Constrictor Worms are one such creature. These beasts can grow to massive size and are capable of swallowing even the mighty Eun in one gulp!

When Constrictor Worms lay their eggs, they do so in shallow patches of dirt so that the newly hatched young will be able to sense passing creatures easily for their food.

When this card is drawn, a clutch of young Constrictors burst from the ground and attack. Count all the units on the board and assign them a corresponding number.  Roll a D10 and whatever number matches that unit, place the Constrictor Worm models 6 inches away from that unit.  The worms immediately activate and attack the nearest models to them.  From here on out, this Event Card serves as the Activation Card for the Worms until they are all dead.

Constrictor Worm Hatchling

Give              Take           Soul      Agility             Spirit           Sanity
  2                    2                1               7                    2                    3

Note: For our Constrictor Worm Hatchlings we used the awesome Giant Leeches from Otherworld Miniatures.

(Formatted to match your Fanticide Rulebook!)

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