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Warlord games nos trae una nueva oferta para su ejercito de antiguos Celtas del Hail Caesar.

Warlord Games nos trae tres increíbles packs en oferta de los celtas, me parece realmente increíble la forma de trabajar de los chicos de Warlord Games

Ancient Celts army deal

To help you get started we offer our Celt Starter Set, a complete army.

80 Celt Warriors (including 2 command groups)
10 Celt Cavalry (including command)
Your choice of 40 Germanic Tribesmen or Ancient Britains or Dacians (including command)
3 Celt Chieftains
Your choice of 8 Fanatics, Slingers, Javelins or Archers
Your choice of 8 Fanatics, Slingers, Javelins or Archers

Celtic Horde starter army

Boadicea rides into battle on her chariot, supported by ferocious British warriors from a variety of tribes joined together to repel the Roman invaders…

Boadicea Triumphant! boxed set
2 Ancient British Warband boxed sets (80 miniatures)
Celt Cavalry boxed set
Celt Chariot Squadron
A free blister pack of either Druids or Warhounds

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Celtic Horde starter army

The perfect way to start your Celt army or add additional units to your horde.

The Starter Army includes the following:
3x Metal Celtic Chieftains
90x Plastic Celtic Warriors
10x Plastic And Metal Celt Cavalry
1x Metal Celt Standard Bearer
8x Metal Celtic Slingers

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  1. mmmm celtas, peanas redondas y una guardia imperial heterodoxa...


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