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Mas detalles sobre la reserva del Reglamento de Bolt Action y sus suplementos.

Warlord Games con la compra de cada reglamento o suplemento regala una miniatura acorde a la temática o a la portada. En este caso nos hablan de la miniatura que regalan con el reglamento y nos mencionan las minis de algunos suplementos por venir.

Last week we brought you the chance to pre-order your Bolt Action rulebook and get a free exclusive miniature to boot. Read on to found out more about what is on the way…

pre-order in store

Anyone placing a pre-order with us for the Bolt Action rulebook will also receive this superb free miniature – a British Paratrooper aiding a wounded comrade in the heat of battle! You’ll only be able to get hold of this miniature by purchasing the rulebook directly from us at Warlord Games.

The first supplement for Bolt Action covers the Armies of Germany. Afrika Korps, Blitzkrieg forces, Waffen-SS, Fallschirmjager, etc are all covered in this lovely book. You can see the first look at the supplement cover below, illustrated expertly by Peter Dennis.

We’ll have pre-order details for you in a future newsletter. Suffice to say that, as with the rulebook, we’ll be giving away free miniature when you buy Armies of Germany from us – the one and only Otto Skorzeny, one of the driving forces behind German special forces and many daring raids. The model is currently being sculpted by Paul Hicks so keep an eye on our weekly newsletter for it…

Speaking of free miniatures we plan to follow this theme with the rest of the Bolt Action supplements. For example, we’ll have the US Marine Corp’s ‘Chesty’ Puller for the Armies of America supplement. You’ll only be able to get your hands on these superb character models by purchasing these titles from us here at Warlord Games. As we get nearer to publishing dates we’ll bring you all the news and pre-order info – stay tuned!

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