martes, julio 17, 2012


Grupos de mando para Black Powder.
Cuatro grupos de mando para Black Powder, los Pavlovs Granadiers son excelentes, me gustan muchísimo junto a los regimientos Russos.

We’ve been asked on many occasions to make the metal command figures from our various boxed sets available separately and now you can get hold of the here, starting with those from our Black Powder sets.
Prussian Landwehr command group

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Russian Infantry 1809-1815 command

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Russian Infantry 1812-1815 command

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Pavlovsk Grenadiers command

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Note that the paper flags aren’t included in these packs – you only get those with the boxed sets! We’ll have more command sets from boxed sets in our Hail Caesar and Pike & Shotte ranges soon…

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